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Kindra Product FAQs

Kindra helps address the physical and emotional aspects of menopause through estrogen-free essentials, made with clinically-studied ingredients and natural plant extracts. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our best-selling cult favorite, Daily Vaginal Lotion, and wellness supplements.

Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion

How does the lotion work?

Decreased estrogen levels during the menopausal hormone shift can cause a decrease in vaginal secretions. This is typically the cause of vaginal dryness. Within the vaginal walls, there are micro abrasions from the dried layers of skin losing their flexibility. The Daily Vaginal Lotion is designed to lock in vaginal moisture and soothe dry skin. It is is specially designed to be pH-balanced, fragrance free, estrogen-free, and dye free. Regular usage will help maintain the right moisture levels for vaginal skin.

This burns, is burning/stinging normal when using this product?

The sensation of stinging/burning will happen to some women, and it all depends on how dry or sensitive the vaginal skin is. This should go away rather quickly, especially as the area becomes moisturized with regular use. If continued irritation occurs, first try decreasing the amount of product used, then discontinue and consult your healthcare provider if irritation continues.

Can I use this product with other vaginal products or creams?

Our vaginal lotion has been clinically and gynecologically tested, and its ingredients have been evaluated for use on the intimate area by Human Safety and Regulatory professionals. This product can be used in combination with other vaginal products, including lubrication.

Is this safe for oral sex?

The vaginal lotion is intended for application in the intimate area, however, incidental ingestion of a small amount during intimacy is not expected to result in adverse health effects.

Is this safe for cancer survivors?

Kindra is proud to be on the forefront of improving quality of life for breast cancer survivors by developing science-backed estrogen-free solutions for symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, and more. Many of the products on the market today utilize hormones, which for some women work great, but there are many other women who have concerns about the risks of hormone replacement therapy, particularly for breast cancer survivors and those at greater risk of breast cancer. We're proud to say our products are non-estrogenic.

When should this product be used?

The Daily Vaginal Lotion can be used at any point in your peri/post-menopausal journey. Daily application is advised so that you maintain continuous hydration. The lotion can be applied in the morning or evening, depending on personal preference.

How many pumps should I use? 

A 'standard' application of the Daily Vaginal Lotion should be between 1-4 pumps per day. The amount you require can change on a seasonal or even daily basis and will depend on your level of dryness. Our most popular option is for those with a moderate level of dryness, for which we recommend 2-3 pumps per day. For those needing extra moisture, we recommend 3-4 pumps per day; and for intimate skin that is occasionally dry, we recommend 1-2 pumps per day.

Are Kindra products FSA/HSA eligible?

Yes! Our Daily Vaginal Lotion, V Relief Serum, and V Hydration & Relief Duo are all approved for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) reimbursement. Simply place your order with a regular credit/debit card and submit your order confirmation to your FSA provider for reimbursement. 

How do I apply the lotion?

Wash hands and apply 1 to 4 pumps directly onto your finger. Apply lotion with your finger directly to the vaginal opening. Apply 1 to 2 cm deep or the length of your first knuckle. After vaginal application, apply any remaining product to your most tender parts down there. Wash hands after use. Most women feel results within a couple days, but the lotion works best with consistent daily use.


V Relief Serum

How do I apply the serum?

Wash your hands, and pump serum 1-2 times onto clean, dry fingers. Super dry or sensitive? Start with 1 pump and add more serum, 1 pump at a time. Explore and feel what works for you. Apply serum gently to the external vagina (vulva), where you are feeling dryness and discomfort. If needed, apply serum with finger, no more than 1 inch, into the vaginal opening (introitus) if you experiencing dryness and discomfort there. Wash hands after each use. Reapply daily as often as you need for relief.

What’s the difference between your V Relief Serum and The Daily Vaginal Lotion?

The V Relief Serum is slightly thinner than The Daily Vaginal Lotion and is recommended for days when you're experiencing severe dryness, sensitivity to touch, burning, itching, or stinging. We recommend using The Daily Vaginal Lotion on days when you're just feeling mild to moderate dryness, without hypersensitivity.

How do I know how sensitive I am?

Here are a few questions to help categorize what you are experiencing:

  • Is your vulva and vagina sensitive to the touch?
  • Do you feel pain, burning, itching, or stinging; especially when applying products, wiping, or intimacy?
  • Do you feel dry, but mostly discomfort and sensitivity?
  • Do you feel no dryness, but feel discomfort?
  • Have you tried other products and felt burning and stinging upon application that did not subside after a few minutes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the V Relief Serum is a great choice for you. The serum features the SensV-3 complex, with a peptide specifically developed for sensitive skin, with discomfort related to itching, burning, stinging, and hypersensitivity. Plus, hyaluronic acid provides hydration, and vitamin E supports skin health.

Do you recommend the V Relief Serum or Daily Vaginal Lotion for intimacy?

When it comes to intimacy while experiencing vaginal dryness or discomfort, we know it can be a pain…literally. It’s important to address symptoms as early as you can, the sooner you can provide moisture, hydration, and soothing relief to your vulvar tissue and the tender vaginal opening, the sooner you can feel comfort. Depending on your severity of dryness, sensitivity, burning, itching, or stinging, the lotion, serum, or pairing both may provide you with the soothing relief and comfort you are seeking during intimacy.

Can I use both the serum and the lotion at the same time?

Currently, we do not recommend layering the formulas. We recommend starting with one formula and over time, as your symptoms of levels of dryness and discomfort fluctuate, you can switch between the two formulas. For days when you're experiencing vulvar or vaginal dryness use our Daily Vaginal Lotion and for days when you may be feeling pain, burning, itching, or stinging when applying products, wiping, or during intimacy try the V Relief Serum. You can always email us if you have any questions, read more here about when to use each product and why, or hop over to our quiz to answer questions about how you're currently feeling, and we can recommend the best option for you.

What if I feel both dryness and discomfort from feeling sensitive?

When experiencing a range of symptoms at once, including dryness, sensitivity, itching, burning, and stinging, or you are experiencing dryness that is severe enough that you feel hyper-sensitive to touch, our board certified medical advisors suggest addressing discomfort and sensitivity, then dryness. This is to help vulvar and vaginal skin, particularly at the vaginal opening feel less sensitive with a gentle formulation, until the skin is able to tolerate a thicker moisturizer. In this case, we recommend starting with the V Relief Serum.

Are Kindra products FSA/HSA eligible?

Yes! Our Daily Vaginal Lotion, V Relief Serum, and V Hydration & Relief Duo are all approved for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) reimbursement. Simply place your order with a regular credit/debit card and submit your order confirmation to your FSA provider for reimbursement. 


Kindra Wellness Supplements

Are Kindra supplements safe to use?

The ingredients in all Kindra products are well-established supplement ingredients. Each of the ingredients and products have been assessed by safety experts.

Can I take Kindra supplements if I'm taking other medications or supplements?

Consult your health provider prior to using these products if you are taking medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, or other supplements. Some dietary supplements have been found to interact with medications.

What are the differences between the three Kindra supplements?

All Kindra dietary supplements are naturally effective solutions that have been clinically tested. We recommend The Core Dietary Supplement as the foundation of a daily regimen. It offers relief for 7 common symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings, and more. And for especially challenging days or nights, our Focus Supplement and our Sleep Enhancing Supplement can help.

What time of day should I take the Kindra supplements?

Core SupplementTake one capsule anytime during the day with food. For best results, daily use for a minimum of 60 days is important. To continue to help manage menopause symptoms, use daily ongoing.

Focus Supplement: Take one capsule anytime during the day with food. For best results, daily use for a minimum of 60 days is important. To continue to help manage menopause symptoms, use daily ongoing.

Sleep Enhancing Supplement: Take one capsule with food at least 30 minutes before bed as needed.

Kindra Soothe Bath Soak

Is Soothe Bath Soak estrogen-free?

Yes! In line with Kindra’s ethos, Soothe is formulated with ingredients known to be free of estrogen, phytoestrogens or progesterone.

Why does vaginal pH matter when it comes to bath products?

The pH of vulvar and vaginal tissue can increase as menopause progresses, as a result of estrogen decline. This may contribute to higher risk of vaginal discomfort, dryness, and even infections like UTIs or yeast infections. Synthetic fragrances and preservatives popular in many bath products can also further irritate an already sensitive intimate area. Kindra's Soothe Bath Soak is a first of its kind, designed specifically for the shifting pH of vulvar and vaginal tissue during midlife. You can read more about Soothe, pH and bath products here

How long should I soak for?

We recommend at least 20 minutes to feel the full stress relief benefits plus skin hydration and nourishment. If you prefer, Soothe may also be used as a shower gel to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin, especially when you are feeling dry and sensitive. 

How many baths will one bottle last for?

At the recommended use of 2 oz per bath, you will be able to enjoy 4 full bath soaks.

How often should I be bathing with Soothe Bath Soak?

We recommend adding Soothe to your self-care ritual, ideally 1-4 times per week. 

Should I rinse off after taking a bath?

Soothe has been specifically formulated for deep skin hydration and nourishment - you can leave it on, or do a quick shower rinse, and gently pat dry.

Is Soothe a bubble bath?

Soothe is not a bubble bath. Many bath products on the market do not consider the particular needs of menopausal skin, often formulating with  ingredients that can create “fizzy” or bubbly” elements - while sometimes a fun experience - can be extremely drying and cause further discomfort.

How does this help with hot flashes and night sweats?

Hot flashes and night sweats can be triggered by stress, feelings of anxiety, or simply as a result of estrogen decline due to menopause. Helping to calm the body and mind is known to be beneficial to help manage the discomfort of hot flashes, as well as preparing for sleep to support reducing night sweats.

Is this product fragrance-free? It smells so good!

Soothe is free of synthetic fragrances. The mild and calming fragrance is from natural botanical extracts, chamomile and rose. 

Can this only be used by menopausal women?

Soothe is formulated with ingredients known to be safe, effective, and nourishing for anyone experiencing dry skin, sensitive skin. If you are experiencing discomfort or sensitivity in intimate skin for reasons other than menopause, Soothe can be a gentle, calming soak to hydrate without irritating ingredients.

Kindra Cool Down Mist

Will I feel relief instantly?

Yes and it may take up to 20 minutes to feel the maximum skin cooling effect. 

How long does the cooling effect last?

The cooling effect lasts up to 2 hours with every application.

Is this estrogen-free?

Yes! In line with Kindra's ethos, our Cool Down Mist is formulated with ingredients known to be free of estrogen, phytoestrogens, and progesterone.

How much should I spray on?

Three to four sprays should be plenty per application, per area. Be sure you give the Cool Down Mist a few seconds to dry. There’s no need to rub it in; it’ll dry on its own.

How does this fit into my skincare routine (AM & PM)?

You can replace the toner in your skincare lineup with the Cool Down Mist! Kindra's mist contains hyaluronic acid, aloe, and cucumber for all your hydrating needs. The mist also features a collagen-boosting clinically studied peptide that has shown improvement in wrinkle reduction and skin firmness.

The good news is, you can use the Cool Down Mist anytime, so it fits into your routine whenever you need it most – mid-hot flash, after a workout when you need a refresh, hanging out in the backyard, you name it!

Is there fragrance in this?

No added fragrance here! You may catch a hint of rose, but this is from natural preservatives. We’ve heard from our community that scented products can feel uncomfortable during hot flashes and night sweats, so we omitted fragrance altogether to give you the relief you asked for.

Is it travel-friendly? 

Sure is! Our 2 oz bottles means you can carry Cool Down Mist right with you in your carry-on.

How often should I reapply?

As often as you want, when you need to feel cool, calm, and refreshed. 

Will it stain clothing?

This will not stain your clothes.

Does this prevent hot flashes or make them less intense? 

While Cool Down Mist can’t prevent your hot flashes, it may help the sensation feel less intense. In fact, 100% of women reported improvement in the severity of hot flashes and night sweats when using the mist.

I have really sensitive skin and am prone to breakouts. Can I use it?

This mist was designed with sensitive skin in mind. If you’re especially concerned, we recommend patch testing before you spray.

Is this only for menopausal women?

Cool Down Mist is safe and effective for anyone looking for skin cooling relief. If you are experiencing hot flashes or night sweats for reasons other than menopause, the Cool Down Mist can be a gentle, calming experience without unnecessary irritating ingredients.

Want to learn about our entire assortment?

Our Head of Product & Education hosted a Kindra Product FAQ session you can watch below. She breaks down how to use each product, what you can expect and how you can maximize relief by creating daily rituals.

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