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Kindra Product FAQs

Kindra helps address the physical and emotional aspects of menopause through estrogen-free essentials, made with clinically-studied ingredients and natural plant extracts. Below are the most frequently asked questions about our best-selling cult favorite, Daily Vaginal Lotion, and wellness supplements.

Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator

How does the lotion work?

Decreased estrogen levels during the menopausal hormone shift can cause a decrease in vaginal secretions. This is typically the cause of vaginal dryness. Within the vaginal walls, there are micro abrasions from the dried layers of skin losing their flexibility. The Daily Vaginal Lotion is designed to lock in vaginal moisture and soothe dry skin. It is is specially designed to be pH-balanced, fragrance free, estrogen-free, and dye free. Regular usage will help maintain the right moisture levels for vaginal skin.

This burns, is burning/stinging normal when using this product?

The sensation of stinging/burning will happen to some women, and it all depends on how dry or sensitive the vaginal skin is. This should go away rather quickly, especially as the area becomes moisturized with regular use. If continued irritation occurs, first try decreasing the amount of product used, then discontinue and consult your healthcare provider if irritation continues.

Can I use this product with other vaginal products or creams?

Our vaginal lotion has been clinically and gynecologically tested, and its ingredients have been evaluated for use on the intimate area by Human Safety and Regulatory professionals. This product can be used in combination with other vaginal products, including lubrication.

Is this safe for oral sex?

The vaginal lotion is intended for application in the intimate area, however, incidental ingestion of a small amount during intimacy is not expected to result in adverse health effects.

Is this safe for cancer survivors?

Kindra is proud to be on the forefront of improving quality of life for breast cancer survivors by developing science-backed estrogen-free solutions for symptoms like vaginal dryness, hot flashes, insomnia, and more. Many of the products on the market today utilize hormones, which for some women work great, but there are many other women who have concerns about the risks of hormone replacement therapy, particularly for breast cancer survivors and those at greater risk of breast cancer. We're proud to say our products are non-estrogenic, and we've taken things a step further when it comes to vaginal dryness - one of the most common symptoms for cancer survivors - by developing a patented applicator that helps gently deliver moisture right where it's needed without the mess from traditional applicators.

When should this product be used?

The Daily Vaginal Lotion can be used at any point in your peri/post-menopausal journey. Daily application is advised so that you maintain continuous hydration. The lotion can be applied in the morning or evening, depending on personal preference.

How many pumps should I use? 

A 'standard' application of the Daily Vaginal Lotion should be between 1-4 pumps per day. The amount you require can change on a seasonal or even daily basis and will depend on your level of dryness. Our most popular option is for those with a moderate level of dryness, for which we recommend 2-3 pumps per day. For those needing extra moisture, we recommend 3-4 pumps per day; and for intimate skin that is occasionally dry, we recommend 1-2 pumps per day.

How do I apply the lotion?

Wash hands and apply 1 to 4 pumps onto the tip of the applicator or directly onto your finger. Apply lotion via the applicator or with your finger directly to the vaginal opening. Apply 1 to 2 cm deep or the length of your first knuckle. After vaginal application, apply any remaining product to your most tender parts down there. Wash hands and applicator after use. Most women feel results within a couple days, but the lotion works best with consistent daily use.

Why do I need the applicator?

Our patented applicator is designed by women with a woman’s body in mind. The design ensures that moisture is applied directly to the area women need relief the most. It is a soft and flexible applicator and made from medical-grade silicone.

What is the applicator made of?

The soft and flexible applicator is made from medical-grade silicone.

How far do I insert the applicator?

Insert the applicator tip with vaginal lotion into the vaginal opening to the marked line on the applicator, approximately 1 inch or less into the vaginal opening. Do not insert applicator further than 1 inch into the vagina. DO NOT INSERT THE ENTIRE APPLICATOR INTO THE VAGINA.

Can I reuse my applicator?

The applicator is designed to be reused. Always wash the applicator after use with mild soap and water, then rinse well with water and dry with a towel or air dry. Store in the satin bag that is provided until next use. With proper cleaning, you may continue to use applicator for as long as the vaginal lotion lasts, or as long as you would like. If applicator becomes cracked, damaged or worn, discard and replace.

Kindra Wellness Supplements

Are Kindra supplements safe to use?

The ingredients in all Kindra products are well-established supplement ingredients. Each of the ingredients and products have been assessed by safety experts.

Can I take Kindra supplements if I'm taking other medications or supplements?

Consult your health provider prior to using these products if you are taking medications, whether prescription or over-the-counter, or other supplements. Some dietary supplements have been found to interact with medications.

What are the differences between the three Kindra supplements?

All Kindra dietary supplements are naturally effective solutions that have been clinically tested. We recommend The Core Dietary Supplement as the foundation of a daily regimen. It offers relief for 7 common symptoms of menopause including hot flashes, brain fog, mood swings, and more. And for especially challenging days or nights, our Focus Supplement and our Sleep Enhancing Supplement can help.

What time of day should I take the Kindra supplements?

Core SupplementTake one capsule anytime during the day with food. For best results, daily use for a minimum of 60 days is important. To continue to help manage menopause symptoms, use daily ongoing.

Focus Supplement: Take one capsule anytime during the day with food. For best results, daily use for a minimum of 60 days is important. To continue to help manage menopause symptoms, use daily ongoing.

Sleep Enhancing Supplement: Take one capsule with food at least 30 minutes before bed as needed.

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