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Low Libido

What's going on?

Desire is deeply personal and a number of factors can impact our sex drive. Yet before the change, our libido naturally peaks around our ovulation. But as periods and ovulation become less frequent or non existent, those gotta have it monthly urges may become less frequent too. Less estrogen also means less blood flow to the vagina and an increase in dryness, making it harder to get in or stay in the mood.


What can you do?

Manage stress, any physical discomfort, and — above all — get in touch with your changing needs and desires. Sometimes a little “you time” is just the thing to rekindle “we time.” Masturbation, foreplay, or simply giving intercourse a whirl with the help of a hydrator to ease the way for you and your partner can all aid in kickstarting your libido. Regular sexual activity can help promote blood flow and reduce dryness, too.

What natural ingredients help?

All of our supplements contain super-antioxidant French Maritime Pine Bark (aka: Pycnogenol), which is an amazing menopause multi-tasker proven to promote healthy circulation. Our Daily Vaginal Lotion is uniquely formulated to relieve and improve vaginal dryness. Women report feeling more ready for intimacy when using the lotion regularly.

The Daily Vaginal Lotion

This beloved formula and revolutionary applicator work together to soothe vaginal dryness with long-lasting hydration.

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The Core Supplement

From balancing body and mind to boosting immunity and heart health, innovative relief meets daily self-care starts here.

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The Sleep Enhancing Supplement

Our body-balancing night supplement promotes sleep and relaxation so you can rest easy.

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The Focus Supplement

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