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Kindra review

The moisturizer and applicator is a great product, well-thought-out and designed, and and the flexible monthly order is much appreciated.

Positive results

I was skeptical of claims made by the company, but I can truly say that I an experiencing positive results. It took 3 to 4 weeks for improvement, but persistence with the product resulted in a good outcome.

Vaginal moisturizer

The product WORKS. Must use daily and perhaps may take 2-3 weeks to feel improvement.

Great results

Daily lotion

I am loving this! I feel better after the first order and have reordered and will continue to do so. Thank you for a great product 😊

The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator

Helpful and Gentle

I appreciate the sleep enhancing supplement. During Covid I was often anxious before I fell asleep which is why I wanted to check this supplement out. It has a gentle but relaxing effect and I do find it helps me fall asleep. I will continue to use it as sleep has been an issue for me. I am grateful to have discovered it.

The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator


What a relief. I was very uncomfortable down there and this works like a charm.

Miracle Worker!

Wow!! After approximately 1.5 months of using the lotion, I feel like truly rejuvenated woman!! Vaginal pain is gone and the area is more supple!! Yay!!

The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator

The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator

Kindra rekindled my sex life

Miracle lotion!!

The daily Vaginal cream is life-changing!! After five years of experiencing extremely painful menopause sex and trying countless products and a couple of prescription creams….I finally came across this product and absolutely love it! It has completely changed my life! Thank you Kindra!!!

Life changing!

I was using hormone cream to help with dryness but worried about the increase risk of cancer. Then I found Kindra and decided to give it try. Love that it is all natural but even more the results have been fantastic. No more dryness and I feel like myself again. Thank you Kindra!

Kinda lotion non-interference with medication

Ive been on an estrogen based and other vaginal creme for about 4 years. While very helpful, dryness still an issue. Thought I would try Kindra just to see. It was important not to get more estrogen in the product. Adding Kindra into my regimines is a game changer and doesn't interfere with doctor prescribed medications. Save money by just getting the refills (without applicator). I stocked up on the refills so I can enjoy months long travel without interruption.

Works pretty well for me

I use the daily lotion only externally. It has given me some relief from dryness.

Kindra vaginal lotion

Sex is so much better than before I started using Kindra.

Sleeping better

I’m so thankful I came across Kindra products! I have to say I was skeptic at first but I was willing to try anything natural to get some sleep 😴 (especially after waking up 8 to 10 times in a night! 😖) After 3 months taking this I’m happy to say that I can actually sleep throughout the night!! 🙌🏼 Thanks Kindra 😌

Helping the Pain

Some improvement in pain caused by dryness

I think it works, but…

I was about to give up sex due to pain and bleeding. I had been using coconut oil and hormonal cream. Adding this seems to have had a big impact. After a month’s use, I had no pain this last time. A little stinging when first inserting the product, but nothing to stop me using it. I would give it a higher score, but I only used two pumps daily and it barely lasted a month. Since the container says 3/4 pumps, they could give you a little more for the money charged.

This saved me!

I’m five years into my menopause journey and began HRT two and a half years ago. It relieved all my symptoms EXCEPT my vaginal atrophy. I tried every other type of cream or suppository, prescription or otherwise, and nothing worked. I tried Kindra, skeptically (understatement), and it has been a sex life-saver! Thank you, Kindra, for giving me back my confidence that I can have intimacy without pain or discomfort. I am too young, at 54, to give it up.

This product works

It really does help relieve dryness and pain much better than over the counter products and I like the applicator. It does sting a little but only for a few seconds.

No more dryness!!

This product is amazing.

From a 74 year old...

I really really like it. Dryness gone. Sex is great again.