Specific oral contraceptives can cause hormonal fluctuations, which can impact the secretion of mucus and lubrication of glands surrounding the vulvovaginal tissue. Maintaining the health of vulvovaginal tissue relies on this natural mechanism and hormonal changes may lead to symptoms like vulvovaginal dryness, itching, burning, stinging, and pain.

It’s important to start a vaginal health regimen early to maintain healthy vulvovaginal tissue. If you're currently or were previously using oral contraceptives and are dealing with dryness, discomfort, or pain, Kindra is the perfect solution for you.

The Ultimate V Relief Bundle

The maximum relief for your vulvar & vaginal dryness and discomfort.

The Sensitive V Relief Bundle

The maximum relief for your vulvar & vaginal discomfort or sensitivity.

V Hydration & Relief Duo

Vulvar and vaginal discomfort can be complex. Always have the right solution on hand with this duo.


The Daily Vaginal Lotion

This beloved formula soothes mild to moderate vaginal dryness with long-lasting hydration.


V Relief Serum

Uniquely formulated to soothe sensitive itching, burning, or stinging vulvar and vaginal skin

Soothe Bath Soak & Shower Gel

The first bath product specifically formulated for women experiencing vaginal discomfort or shifting vaginal pH during midlife.

V Hydration & Relief Duo Sample Kit - $10

Sample our best-selling essentials that keep your intimate skin hydrated.