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What's going on?
Starting with the onset of perimenopause, you may find it harder to concentrate or have trouble remembering things. The temporary stress and sleeplessness associated with your hormonal fluctuations during this phase can impact general brain function.

What can you do?
Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about memory issues or declining mental performance. Where they leave off, Kindra's supplement line can give your brain a natural boost.

What natural ingredients help?
Ashwaganda, a healthy herb hero, lowers mental and body stress — found in The Core & The Sleep.

The Core Supplement

From balancing body and mind to boosting immunity and heart health, Core does it all.

The Focus Supplement

Feel fresh and focused with our energizing, antioxidant-packed hero.

The Essential Bundle

Our best-selling combination designed to boost hydration inside and out.

Full Regimen

Full Regimen

Our Full Regimen works as a system to holistically support your body's changing needs.

The Sensitive Essential Bundle

Designed for sensitive intimate skin to reduce discomfort and boost hydration inside and out.