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Our goal is to make sure you never find yourself without the essentials that make menopause manageable. Find your favorite remedy and simply select Subscribe & Save. Never miss out on a moment of relief.

What’s In It For Me?

Beyond monthly savings on your self-care regimen, the Kindra Subscription offers exclusive perks, available only to subscribers.

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We created an expertly-curated quiz to help you learn about, prepare for, manage, and embrace your body's natural hormonal shifts. Take our quiz to discover your personalized Kindra regimen


"I tried several products for vaginal dryness but none have helped as much as the Kindra Vaginal Lotion. I liked it so well, I ordered more on the subscription program."
- Linda C.
"After using the Daily Vaginal Lotion for just a few days, I am happy to report nothing but relief down there. My husband and I are delighted to have some normalcy again. Highly recommend you choose the subscription option for the 20% off. Thanks Kindra!"
- Penny B.

Subscription FAQ

Subscribe & Save (subscription) is the most convenient way for you to get the Kindra wellness essentials you want, delivered to you on a regular schedule. We automatically send your self-care regimen based upon your chosen frequency. The service is easy to use and customizable, so you can make changes online whenever you need. Need to change your delivery cadence? Easy! You always have complete control over your Subscription orders. We send an email reminder 3 days before each order ships.

Simply select “Subscribe & Save” on the product page you'd like to subscribe to. You can also email us at

Making changes to your Kindra Subscription is easy. Simply log into your account, select the account icon on the top right corner and then navigate to "Manage Subscription". When you hit "Edit" you can change the next charge date, edit the quantity of your order, update your payment method + shipping address as well as change your delivery schedule. You can select between having your orders shipped out every 30, 45, 60 or 90 days.

You can cancel and reactivate your subscription by logging into your Kindra account and navigating to the account icon in the top right corner. After you select "Manage Subscription" you can easily cancel your subscription. Keep in mind that you can always reactivate your subscription at any time.

We know that our subscription portal can be a challenge to navigate, and we're actively making efforts to improve usability. It is totally possible for you to be signed up for a subscription without having an account with Kindra. To sign up for an account simply select "Register" and use your subscription email address when registering your account and all your orders will automatically sync up.

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