It’s time to feel good again.

Real wellness starts on the inside. Enter the Core — a blend of meticulously chosen, hormone-free, natural ingredients designed to support your changing needs safely and effectively.

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Our unique blend of clinically proven, botanical ingredients:

Empower healthy immune response* (1)

Nourish your skin from the inside out* (2)

Improve your body's response to stress by regulating cortisol levels* (3)

Enhance circulation (especially in the veins and capillaries!)* (4)

Support heart health* (5)

Promote healthy aging for maturing women* (6)

We started with the science of women

After years of research and testing by and for women, our Core Supplement is here to hydrate from the inside out, cool your body, focus your mind, boost your energy, and balance those mood swings — in just one month.

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Innovative relief meets daily self-care starts here.

Designed especially for women in peri/menopause and beyond, we love how it improves healthy circulation (goodbye, hot flashes and night sweats!), mental clarity (so long, mood swings and brain fog!), skin suppleness (take that, dry skin everywhere!), and supports a healthy, centered you.

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What sets our Core Supplement apart is its two key herbaceous powerhouses.


Holy. Grail. This super-antioxidant, native to the southwest coast of France, protects the body from free radicals, promotes healthy circulation, hydrated skin, immunity and heart health, and seriously so much more. The list of benefits of this modern marvel goes on and on, but we chose it for its impressive ability to manage hot flashes and night sweats, making it a game changer for women as their bodies change.


Oh, how we adore thee. Used for over 3,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine, this natural adaptogen literally adapts to you, boosting function, reducing stress, lowering anxiety, promoting a calm focus, and more—a bonafide brain and body boost.

This product works! After trying several other brands/formulas, I was so pleased. My hot flashes literally disappeared! Slept better then I have in years!
- Lori
I am on my third bottle and it has been wonderful! It is a part of my routine and it has really helped with my night sweats and mood swings.
- SF
This is my second month on the supplement and I have felt a real difference - attitude, patience and anxiety!
- Shelley

Scientific Publications

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