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Relieve Vulvar Discomfort Using Soothe

The first bath & shower product specifically formulated to consider the tender skin of women experiencing vulvar/vaginal discomfort. Contains a gentle, yet effective clinically-studied peptide shown to provide comfort to sensitive skin.

Why Soothe Bath Soak Works

How to Use:

In the bath: Add 2 ounces (about a quarter cup) under warm running water. We recommend soaking for at least 20 minutes to feel the full stress relief benefits plus skin hydration and nourishment.

In the shower: Apply Soothe as you would a shower gel for all over hydration.

Key Ingredients:

Biomimetic Peptide: Inspired from a protein in sea anemones (don't worry, scientists simply mimicked the peptide - our formulas are completely vegan), this peptide can reduce the function a receptor in skin to help reduce inflammation and sensitivity in inflamed or irritated skin. Research has found when applied topically, there is a considerable reduction of skin sensitivity (including stinging and burning, a common complaint of women experiencing vulvovaginal atrophy,) when used twice daily for 28 days.

Coconut Water: One of nature's most potent ingredients for skin nourishment.

Vitamin E: A nourishing antioxidant known for its role in supporting skin moisture barrier healing and relief

Want to Maximize Relief? Try This: 

V Relief Serum: Always have the right solution on hand when you add V Relief Serum to your hydration routine. On days when you're feeling pain, burning, itching, or stinging when applying products, wiping, or during intimacy use the V Relief Serum and when you're just experiencing vulvar or vaginal dryness use The Daily Vaginal Lotion 

V Relief Serum

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The Core Supplement: Boost hydration from the inside out with the Core Supplement. Formulated with Ashwagandha and Pycnogenol, its ingredients have been proven to help relieve vaginal dryness and boost libido. 

The Core Supplement

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Vibrators: Boost your libido with the help of our line of vibrators. From kits that feature a lubricant and heating device to the world’s first ultra-flexible vibrating device designed to help reduce pelvic pain and improve pain & arousal by 5X, we've got you covered. 

Kindra Curated Vibrators

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 Proven Results: 

- 100% report meaningful improvement in vaginal dryness
- 60% say it helps improve comfort of intimate skin
- 73% rave about improvement in hydration, moisturization
- 80% report skin feeling nourished


Sourced from a consumer study independently conducted with 22 women experiencing hormonal changes.

Real Reviews from Customers:

"My skin is very sensitive and very dry during this time of year. After soaking with the bath milk, my skin felt so hydrated, and I experienced no vaginal itch." - Mary

"I like how silky my skin started feeling after and it alleviated some of my premenopausal issues like the dryness and vaginal itching." - Lorainne

"It was gentle and not overwhelming in the tub as some bath balls or bubbles are. Maybe it was psychological, but I felt very relaxed while taking some time for myself." - Bridgett

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