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Motherhood and Menopause

How to prioritize yourself when you’re busy caring for everybody else

Whether you’re running kids from school to practice or moving them into their first college dorm, motherhood can feel like a juggling act—one where your personal needs are the ball that gets dropped most often. Toss in menopause, and even the best of us can feel worn down and overextended. 
Over the last few decades the average age of first-time parenthood has steadily risen, which means more women than ever are experiencing menopause while also caring for their kids. And although there’s no single secret to getting through it with your serenity intact, there are plenty of smaller tweaks to your routine, environment, and mindset that can alleviate some of the stress during this at-times overwhelming journey.

Fuel Your Body

When you’re managing loads of responsibilities at once—work, kids, relationships, social life, and more—food can be an afterthought. But you can’t consistently show up as your best self when you’re running on empty. Keep your energy levels up with a balanced diet of lean protein, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fresh vegetables. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel can help regulate your body temperature and even offer sleep benefits. Leafy greens, meanwhile, contain essential nutrients like Vitamin D and calcium. And complex carbs, such as whole grains, digest more slowly than their processed counterparts, offering you sustained energy throughout your busy day. Fill the gaps with an extra boost. Kindra’s Core dietary supplement supports mental clarity, supple skin, and healthy circulation. When taken daily, women have observed a 65% reduction in hot flashes. 

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Steer Clear of Potential Triggers

Fueling yourself for success also includes avoiding the ingredients that can derail you—and that means cutting sugar, spicy foods, caffeine, and alcohol when possible as they can exacerbate mood swings, hot flashes, poor sleep, and general fatigue. So while it can be tempting to dig in on the kids’ mac ‘n’ cheese or leftover Halloween candy, try keeping your fridge stocked with healthy alternatives (ones you actually like eating). Eat small meals or snacks every few hours, too. 
The more you nourish yourself with nutrient-rich foods, the less you’ll crave the stuff that can aggravate your worst symptoms. If you’re still struggling with brain fog and fatigue once you cut out the triggers, add in a daily supplement. Kindra’s energy-boosting capsule offers a unique blend of natural ingredients that calm your body and clear your mind—without the jitters of a cup of coffee. 

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Make the Most of Rest Time

Moms in all phases of life know that sleep can be hard to come by, whether you’re caring for a newborn or staying up to enforce curfew. And during menopause, night sweats can make those precious few hours of rest even more fleeting. Make the most of what downtime you do have by optimizing your bedroom for sleep: turning down the thermostat, investing in sweat-wicking pajamas, and installing blackout curtains to block out disruptions. Consider calling in reinforcements, too. Kindra’s sleep-enhancing supplement uses the power of Pycnogenol to balance blood flow and limit night sweats. It also contains low-dose melatonin to help you fall asleep in a flash. 

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Get the Facts

Entering menopause can be a confusing and alienating time, but learning more about the chemical changes your body is undergoing can offer clarity and alleviate stress. The North American Menopause Association offers plenty of resources for women who are at the beginning of their menopause journey. Blogs, books, and online communities can also serve as handy guides to the various changes you might experience next. For a more individual understanding of your unique menopause needs, try taking Kindra’s hormone assessment to help you manage (and even embrace!) your body’s natural hormonal shifts. 

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Give Yourself Grace

While these tips might help make your hormonal journey a bit smoother, remember that there’s no perfect way to navigate menopause—or motherhood. Take time for yourself when you need it. Accept that there will be moments when things won’t go according to plan. And when you’re feeling that ever-unfair “mom guilt” for taking a break, remember: The best gift you can give your kids is a healthy, happy parent. By prioritizing self-care, you enable yourself to show up for the people in your life—and fully appreciate your time together in the process. 

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