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As we go through life’s many stages, we are met by our community with support and resources to learn, grow and become - whether it’s graduating high school, getting married, or celebrating the birth of a child. Except this stage - menopause.

It’s time for change.


Kindra x In the Groove have brought together a community of health, wellness, and beauty experts to curate The Toolboxself-care essentials for thriving in midlife—created by women for you. 

With products from 10 top brands, whether you’re experiencing hot flashes, libido changes, or looking for ways to keep your skin supple and hair healthy, The Toolbox has your back. This especially curated collection of trusted products work together to holistically support your body's changing needs.

Meet The Toolbox

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Individually, the retail value of each of these unique items adds up to $500, but by bringing an entire community of thoughtful problem solvers and effective body boosters together, we are able to offer them in concert at a fraction of the cost, $189. Because we all deserve to feel good and put ourselves first. Available in limited quantities this holiday season only.


  • Kindra Sweet Dreams Duo / retail value $76
    • Kindra’s very own cult-classic bundle. Formulated with super-antioxidant Pycnogenol® and unparalleled adaptogen Ashwagandha to quell hot flashes and give you the gift of restorative rest, along with improved circulation, mental clarity, and skin suppleness.
  • Tabu Lubricant / retail value $34
    • A natural, healing formula for your most sensitive areas. Tabu’s water-based lubricant is made from aloe and powerful plant extracts to nourish your tissues upon every application.
  • Sagely Relief & Recovery CBD Cream / retail value $29.99
    • Find restorative ease and the comforting support you need with the beloved Relief & Recovery Body Cream - a lightweight, luxurious, and cooling CBD topical lotion. Layer on, discover relief, and get back to your best self, naturally.
  • Heales Facial Oil / retail value $53
    • Like a Super-fruit smoothie for your face! Nutrient-dense fruit seed oils are packed into a nourishing, vitamin-rich formula that instantly restores radiance to a thirsty complexion.
  • Go Be You Youth Glue / retail value $60
    • A cleansing mask that renews skin cells while unclogging and tightening pores. Essential oils add a yummy scent while grounding your emotions. See the glow.
  • Better Not Younger Wake Up Call Volumizing Shampoo and Hair Redemption Restorative Butter Masque / retail value $39
    • Gentle sulfate-free shampoo and 5-plant-based butter blend hair masque to instantly smooth and strengthen brittle hair while adding silkiness and shine.
  • Hazel Clean Slate Wipes / retail value $14
    • When a nice, hot shower isn't an option, Hazel’s Clean Slate Wipes always are. Discreet and flushable, they make it easy to hit refresh anytime, anywhere – down there. Included is also a coupon for 100% off a pair of Hazel Briefs - a sleek (but uber-strong), disposable brief that looks and feels like real underwear.
  • Handmade African Fan / retail value $12.50
    • Handcrafted in Ghana, West Africa, this handwoven African fan with leather handles is perfect for a stunning wall hanging, or relieving hot flashes.
  • So Who's Counting Book / retail value $12.99
    • So long nostalgia, and goodbye resignation! This book of quotes reminds us that growing old isn’t about slowing down and taking it easy—it’s a chance to ask, “What’s next?”
  • Flamingo Shaving Kit / retail value
    • This Shave Kit contains Flamingo’s award-winning hydrating Foaming Shave Gel with their expertly engineered Razor and two replacement blades. Also included is Flamingo’s Face Wax, soft gel-wax strips with step-by-step instructions, plus post-wax care to soothe and calm skin.

Meet The Toolbox

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