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June Reflections: On the New Familiar, Doing More, and What Comes Next

Lately, I've been struck by the balance of old and new. When our worlds became smaller last year, so much of my day-to-day evolved into the same old routine. Now, just 18 months later, each passing day brings the return of a “new familiar.” Like the familiar feeling of walking into a restaurant, but for the first time in a while. The comfortable knowing of breathing in fresh air while walking the dog or going on a hike with the kids, now a new sensation. The casual yet essential act of hugging people you care about again, and not wanting to let go.

And notably my biggest "new" yet — Kindra. In these last 18 months, Kindra came to life, right here in my living room where I worked with my kids on three folding tables. The day I set out to make this dream a reality was the week Los Angeles closed. I thought it was only going to be for two weeks, and then I would really get started when the kids went back to school. We all know what happened next...

In this time of reflection, I've been holding space for the new and the familiar. The pandemic took things to a new level for me — for all of us.There was so much loss and fear all around us. Among the chaos was a familiar force: community. All of you. A group of kindred spirits, who, like me, are juggling responsibilities, struggling with changes in our bodies, and attempting to thrive on our menopausal journeys. . Thank you for creating my new: amidst the comfort and wisdom of friends, family, and my incredible team here at Kindra, we've created a new space to share stories and get the support that we all need. I am so, so grateful.

This month saw an exciting validation of our community when we hit an important milestone — we raised money to support the growth of Kindra. I'm so moved by the incredible Venture Capital leaders who joined our journey, unafraid of having tough conversations, diving in with me at every level. This influx of support means we can do more — say more, create more supportive tools and develop vital new products to meet your needs.

So tell me: what do you need? How can we help? What ideas do you have? Where can we lean in to support you? Please let me know how we can do more for you by sharing here. I’d love to hear from you.

More and more I think we're on a mission to build a new familiar in menopause. A familiar sensation that all of our mothers and mother figures before us have triumphed through, with a new level of understanding, empathy, and support for your whole self. I could not be more excited for what comes next. I can’t know precisely what the future looks like, but I know it’s bright, because we’re building it together.



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