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Break The Silence with Sonsoles Gonzalez

If you're new to this series — Break The Silence — we introduce you to some of the amazing women in our community who are shattering menopause and aging misperceptions, and get real about their own experiences with menopause. 

Our third exclusive conversation is with Sonsoles Gonzalez, founder of Better Not Younger, the first and only hair care brand developed specifically for women 40+ to bring resilience back to aging hair. After 25 years working on haircare brands for Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal, Sonsoles decided to leave her corporate life behind to become what she calls a “fiftypreneur," to launch Better Not Younger. We admire Sonsoles' fresh take on aging: it’s a daily opportunity to look better, and that looking better doesn’t equate with looking younger.

Sonsoles answers your questions about the menopause journey and imparts a few words of wisdom on the Kindra community below.

What is your age and menopause phase?

56, Post-menopause

What is the biggest thing your menopause journey taught you so far?

How little information one has going into it. So much buzz about it, yet no concrete understanding or help.

That's why it's so inspiring when Kindra, Better Not Younger, and other like-minded brands come together to collaborate on projects like the Menopause Guide, to help demystify this transition for women with tips and educational content from experts in the space.

If you could tell someone feeling anxious at the beginning of their journey one thing, what would that be?

First, it's different in every woman. So, monitor what YOU are feeling and experiencing, and act on it, not what everyone else thinks. Second, it's a phase. And it will pass (or you'll learn to live with it). Third, ask your doctor. And if she or he doesn't, or can't help you, talk to one that can.

What are the top 3 things you wish you knew when you started your menopause journey?

One, that sleep will be such an issue and navigating how to deal with it would be challenging. Two, that my doctor would have proactively asked about it, and shared more information on how it would impact me. Three, I wish I had a better understanding on when it'd be over? Is it ever?

If you're struggling with sleep too, consider the Kindra Sleep Enhancing Supplement. If you find yourself wondering when menopause will be over, check out this blog post for some guidance.

What are your favorite Kindra products and why?

I'm a big fan of the Daily Vaginal Lotion. Simply put - it gives you the results you want and need! 


Better Not Younger is the only haircare brand to address the root symptoms and causes of aging hair through a 3-prong approach focused on scalp, hair and inner health. This approach was designed to make the most of the hair you have today, while ensuring stronger, healthier hair tomorrow.

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