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Break The Silence with Susan Feldman

As you know, here at Kindra we’re changing the conversation around what aging and menopause mean for us women — and around how we’re perceived. 

YOU know you’re just getting started and continuing to be ever-amazing, and we want to make sure you see other women who are lighting things up out there. We’re bringing them to you in our newest series, Breaking The Silence, where we’ll share the stories, advice, and perspectives of women like you who are embracing all that they are right now and beyond.

Breaking The Silence is 100% pure inspiration and YES moments.

Many of you know Susan Feldman as the co-founder of One King’s Lane, one of the first online retailers for high end home decor and furnishing. After selling One King’s Lane to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Susan embarked on a new journey, creating and cultivating a community that celebrates and engages women 50+ as the evolving and relevant women we are. Susan’s In The Groove is the lifestyle destination for age defying women.

What is your age and menopause phase?

65, Post-menopause

What is the biggest thing your menopause journey taught you so far?

As women we need to support each other and talk about what we are experiencing with each other so no one feels alone during this journey.

If you could tell someone feeling anxious at the beginning of their journey one thing, what would that be?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel so don't sweat

What are the top 3 things you wish you knew when you started your menopause journey?

Honestly I knew so little and there weren't great resources out there when I went through menopause. I just wish I had a better understanding of all the things that could happen before they did.

Anything else you wish to share with the Kindra community?

You are not alone. There are lots of resources and groups to help and inform you. I am passionate about creating a community for age-defying women. I know this because I am a part of this demographic, and I’ve spent the last decade navigating a sea of sad, post-menopausal content engineered to make us feel invisible, ashamed, and obsolete. I’m ready to be engaged, intrigued, and inspired. I’m ready to discover, to laugh, to be shocked, to be delighted, to agree, and to disagree. I’m ready to reframe the conversation. Aren’t you?

What are your favorite Kindra products and why?

The Energy Boosting Supplement, I can always use a little extra boost and something to help me focus.

Who are your favorite style icons over 50?

Editor of French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt (54) and actress, Isabelle Huppert (68). I'm very inspired by the French. 


Be sure to check out more from Susan at In The Groove, and shop The Menopause Registry.

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