The Daily Vaginal Lotion Refill


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Use daily for best results

Gynecologically tested

Clinically tested ingredients

Estrogen Free**

Paraben Free

Fragrance Free


**Does not contain estradiol or progesterone

When used every day, our Daily Vaginal Lotion moisturizes to help improve vaginal dryness and leave you feeling more comfortable. That’s because it’s pH balanced specifically for vaginal skin, and loaded with humectants, plant-based oils and vitamins to help moisturize and condition your most intimate area.

We’ve carefully selected ingredients that provide effective hydration and long-lasting moisturization for vaginal dryness.

Kindra scientists have carefully selected ingredients to provide effective moisturization and soothing vaginal skin conditioning benefits. The applicator is cleverly designed to deliver product exactly to where it is needed at the entrance of the vagina. The Kindra vaginal lotion is an effective first line treatment that can be considered for women with vaginal dryness.

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Daily Vaginal Lotion

How long does a bottle of Kindra Vaginal Lotion last?
With recommended daily use, one bottle of Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion should last about 30-45 days.
How often should I use Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion?
We recommend that you use Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion every day.
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