• Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
  • Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device
Poco Vibrating Device

Poco Vibrating Device

Award-winning targeted G-Spot vibrator. Save $40 with code VIBE40

Poco is a clinically-proven, ultra-compact, flexible vibrating device designed to improve arousal, pain, and dryness. Its flexible design mimics human fingers, bends in two places, and fits in your palm. Poco’s slim,... read more

  • Beautiful silky smooth Poco made from body-safe silicone
  • Charging USB cable 
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Multi-lingual User Guide

Low Libido

Painful Sex

To charge your Poco device, plug in the micro USB into the front of the device and connect the other end of the USB wire to any USB power source. Within 1 hour your device will be fully charged and ready to use.

Using your hands, bend the Poco device into a shape that can reach the area you want to stimulate. 

Turn on your device and circle through the various pre-set vibrations to find the one you like most. 

Set the intensity that you find more comfortable. 

Insert Poco to try it. Try out different shapes till you find the one that works best for you.

Designed with over 7 years of extensive medical research, Poco is designed to be incredibly compact, discreet, and fit in your palm. It mimics your fingers & bends to fit all body shapes & sizes. Poco's two strategically placed motors deliver vibrations whose frequencies are optimized to increase arousal, both externally & internally, as well as relax the pelvic floor.

That’s why Poco is recommended by leading doctors from institutions like Mayo Clinic & Cedars-Sinai.

Poco is also: 

  • Water-resistant 
  • Smart app compatible 
  • Customizable with 8 preset vibes & 16 intensities
  • Handmade

Why We Love


Poco is the world's most compact flexible vibrator designed to mimic your fingers. You can bend it to fit your body, whatever your size. Poco’s slim, double-bend design helps release trigger points & tender points on the labia, vulva and vagina, so you can have pain-free penetration and increased intimacy. Additional benefits include:

  • Water-resistant 
  • Smart App Compatible
  • Handmade with Premium Silicone 
  • 2 Vibration Zones
  •  8 Preset Vibes
  • 16 Intensities

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Yes, Poco is a really great toy for use during sex. It can be used both externally or internally during sex.
POCO is unique in a number of ways AND the most exciting being that it can be many toys in one! Because of its bendable design, you can flex Poco into any shape that works for you or your partner. That could be a curved shape to stimulate the G-spot or a C-shape to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at the same. Poco is designed to be gender-neutral so people from all orientations can enjoy it.
The Poco is 5.9 inches long. At it is widest point it is 1.5 inches wide and at it is smallest point 0.9 inches wide.
Poco has two motors along the length of its shaft, so there are multiple stimulation points throughout. Both the motors can be programmed individually and controlled using the app so you can create a vibe that is completely tailored to you.
Poco was designed to be the best first-time vibrator. We think it is the perfect toy for anyone looking to explore, discover and stimulate their and their partner's body in new ways. Poco also makes a great vibrator gift for your partner or friend.
Poco vs Crescendo 2
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