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What's going on?
Night sweats are hot flashes that happen in your sleep. Night sweats occur when your brain mistakenly senses that your body is too warm and sends a signal to cool you down immediately. Your blood vessels expand, giving off extra heat and causing you to sweat. Even if the hot flash doesn’t wake you, being drenched with sweat and the associated cold chill that follows often does.

What can you do?
Take additional measures to stay cool: turn down the thermostat, use cool wicking fabrics for clothes and sheets, turn on a fan, and have cold water available. Relieve night sweats from the inside out with Kindra's line of body-balancing supplements.

What natural ingredients help?
Pycnogenol, basically the most powerful antioxidant on the planet, regulates blood flow for cooling body comfort — found in The Core, The Focus, & The Sleep.

The Sleep Supplement

Our body-balancing night supplement promotes sleep and relaxation so you can rest easy.

The Core Supplement

From balancing body and mind to boosting immunity and heart health, Core does it all.

Full Regimen

Full Regimen

Our Full Regimen works as a system to holistically support your body's changing needs.

The Focus Supplement

Feel fresh and focused with our energizing, antioxidant-packed hero.

Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow

A temperature-regulating pillow to help keep you cool.

Temperature Regulating - Performance Mattress Pad

Stay cool with this temperature-regulating mattress pad.

Temperature Regulating - Lightweight Comforter

Cooling lightweight comforter that keeps you feeling “just right”.