Find Your Kindra

Kindra: Curated is our collection of top recommended and vetted menopause products to help make your journey easier.

Golden Hour Kit

Create or maintain your sexual wellness routine with this kit.

From $145

Aureum Lubricant

A luxurious lubricant made with plant-based antioxidants to soothe and calm your most sensitive areas.

From $45

Crescendo 2

Designed by leading Ob/Gyns, this is the first ultra-flexible vibrating device that improves pain & arousal by 5X.

From $223


This is world’s most compact flexible vibrating device. It fits in the palm of your hand & improves pain & arousal by 5X.

From $159

Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow

A temperature-regulating pillow to help keep you cool.

From $69

Temperature Regulating - Lightweight Comforter

Cooling lightweight comforter that keeps you feeling “just right”.

From $159

Temperature Regulating - Performance Mattress Pad

Stay cool with this temperature-regulating mattress pad.

From $239

Once a Day Pill Organizer

This weekly pill organizer features an innovative design to save you time and frustration when sorting your pills.

From $39

Menopause Energy Bars 12 Count

Help manage sugar craving with a delicious bar.

From $20