• Silicone Medium Dilator Set
  • Silicone Medium Dilator Set
  • Silicone Medium Dilator Set
  • Silicone Medium Dilator Set
  • Silicone Medium Dilator Set
Silicone Medium Dilator Set
Silicone Medium Dilator Set
Silicone Medium Dilator Set
Silicone Medium Dilator Set
Silicone Medium Dilator Set


Silicone Medium Dilator Set

Expertly designed for people who may be experiencing vulvar or vaginal pain as a result of tight pelvic floor muscles, spasms, vaginismus, or tightening vaginal canal .

The Soul Source Dilator set, developed by OB/GYNs, pelvic... read more

  • Silicone dilators in four sizes #3 #4 #5 and #6
  • Storage Pouch

Painful Sex

Use daily with a compatible lubricant. Need help or guidance? Meet with one of our pelvic floor therapy partners here.

When the vagina is healthy, it is stretched and lubricated. An expertly designed dilator with specific sizes, used progressively over time, can help keep the vaginal tissues healthy and pelvic muscles from tightening. Consistent use over time can restore comfort during intimacy.

Most people start with the largest size silicone dilator that feels comfortable and gradually adjusts dilator size over time.

Soul Source Dilators are also made with latex-free BPA-free medical-grade silicone.

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Silicone Medium Dilators Set

Our community shared with us their vaginal discomfort is due to feeling dry and sensitive, and feeling pain during intimacy from pelvic floor issues or tightening vaginal muscles (vaginismus). With the help of our expert pelvic floor therapist partners, we joined forces with Soul Source to bring you the best in expertly designed dilators. With a smooth, silky medical-grade silicone finish that won’t cause irritation, each dilator is gentle and easy to use daily, for just 10 minutes a day, for lasting results.

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Diameter and circumference are two ways to measure a circular object. Diameter is the distance through a circle, a straight line from any one point on the outside, through the center to the opposite side. Circumference is the distance around a circle, starting at any fixed point, going around the outside and returning to the same point.
Dilator usage can vary. Several links on our partners Resources page address dilator usage, but we strongly recommend that you consult with a therapist or medical professional.
Any water-based or natural oil lubricant designed for sexual activity can be used with our dilators.
Wash the dilators with warm water and mild soap. Pat dry and allow to fully air dry before storing them. We recommend that you store your silicone dilators wrapped in a clean cotton cloth. Never soak your dilators in alcohol or sterilizing solutions containing alcohol, though Soul Source silicone dilators may be wiped with an alcohol-based solution, but be sure to rinse off any residue before storing them
Silicone dilators like Soul Source, may be sterilized by boiling for 5 minutes or by autoclave. If you have a problem with yeast infections, you may add two tablespoons of vinegar to two quarts of water for boiling.
Soul Source silicone dilators are hand-cast using latex-free and BPA-free silicone. Silicone is flexible and resilient with a texture that resembles body tissue
Sex toys are designed to provide sexual stimulation. Some vibrate; some are anatomically correct to resemble a penis. Dilators are therapeutic devices and can be used without the need for sexual stimulation. Sexual pleasure is not its purpose.
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