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Summer Whites and Self Care

What’s better than a chilled glass of white wine on a hot summer day? While the sun is out, the temperatures are high, and the mood is happy, it’s all about taking those moments of pause to sit back, pop open a bottle, and enjoy.

So here’s our proposal to make it your best summer yet: let’s talk summer whites and self care through skin-care and wellness. We tapped out friends at Dry Farm Wines to discuss our favorite kinds of wine, and our in-house experts to discuss keeping your skin cared for in the hot hot heat.

Keep it Natural with Natural Wines

There are two main types of wine: commercial wines and Natural Wines. Most wines in the stores are commercial. They’re made with dyes, thickeners, flavoring, and more than 70 other government approved additives! Because alcohol is regulated differently from other food, wine companies are not required to put an ingredient label on bottles, so you’d never know what’s really in your wine.

Thankfully, there's another type of wine called NATURAL wine. That’s the kind of wine our friends at Dry Farm Wines sources. 

ALL the wines from Dry Farm Wines meet very strict purity criteria. Their list of criteria is long, but here’s an idea: 

  • Sugar free. All wines contain 0 - 0.15g of total sugar per glass (yes, it’s possible!)
  • Organically farmed. No pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals
  • No industrial additives. No thickeners, dyes, or taste modifiers
  • Lower alcohol. All wines are less than 12.5% alcohol
  • Lower sulfites. All wines are less than 75 parts per million sulfur 
  • Only wild yeasts. No lab made or GMO yeasts 

Especially during summer, Natural White Wine has a special place. We love to serve it chilled, pair it with fresh summer recipes, and enjoy it in the sun. The drinking experience is completely different from white wines you may be used to. 

What to Expect

Sugar Free Riesling

Have you ever tasted Riesling without the sugar? You can better enjoy the wine without the syrupy texture or sweetness of conventional wine. 

Rare Italian Fiano

From the remote seaside region of Puglia, this remarkable blend of Fiano and Greco Bianco expresses Italian personality with an ocean breeze. Yes please! 

Crisp, Refreshing Grüner 

Grüner is a special grape: grown primarily in Austria, you will taste a pop of orchard apples and be pleasantly refreshed with every sip. It’s the perfect summer patio pleasure.

Enjoy their rare Summer Whites here.

Let’s Get Refreshed with Kindra

We take our summer sun-kissed skin cues from Dr. Orit Markowitz — leading dermatologist, skin cancer specialist, and CEO and Founder of OptiSkin. Her absolute, don’t-miss essentials are the perfect way to transition into summer self-care. Just pour yourself a glass of wine and follow her regimen:

  • Moisturize: Maturing skin is often dryer so a moisturizer not only helps that, but can also give skin the appearance of being plumper and glowy. So layer one is a moisturizer. For summer, look for a moisturizer with humectants (i.e. salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy) to absorb water, while in winter look for a moisturizer with sealants to lock in moisture.
  • Apply primer mineral sunscreen: Using a protective mineral sunscreen is ideal because as Dr. Markowitz points out, “the benefit of mineral sunscreen is that it works right away, so you don’t have to wait 20 minutes for it to be effective.” One of her go-to’s is Blue Lizard.
  • (Optional) opt for a tinted sunscreen: While this layer isn’t a “must,” a tinted sunscreen will give you a sunkissed look - the kind you’re going for, but without the baking-in-the-sun part.

Dry Farm Wines also backs up their wines with a 100% Happiness Promise. If you don’t like the wines, they’ll either ship you replacements or refund you fully. Just send an email to their team and a new bottle will head your way.

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