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Should I Find a Menopause Specialist?

 Of the many important topics discussed in our Facebook group, one recent post in particular caught our eye. When asked what kind of doctor our community sees for their menopause care, many said they rely on their general practitioner. A few even commented they don't see a health professional at all. Almost no one said they visit a menopause practitioner.

Why a Menopause Specialist?

Well, let's back up. In 2002, The North American Menopause Society noticed a need to define clear sets of standards for health providers to ensure the best care for women at menopause. So NAMS developed a certification that lasts for three years, which helps make sure any currently certified doctor is up to date on the latest data and practices. 

Let's look at it this way; OB/GYN's are typically concentrated on general health and childbirth. With a menopause specialist, your various symptoms are less likely to be dismissed. Your care will be drawn from past patients, up to date research, and advanced knowledge.

The Good News

Now for the even better news! Education and training for menopause care is advancing every day, and doctors are becoming more and more equipped to deal with the wide range of care menopause can require. So whatever is best for you, make sure you're seeing your chosen health care professional and getting the care you need and deserve.


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