Self-Care Through Menopause

Navigating your menopausal journey can be challenging. Give yourself some extra love during this time of change. Prioritizing your self-care routine can help you navigate not only this new beginning, but also the world around you. Here are 6 tips to add to your self-care routine.

1. Meditate.

Mindfulness and meditation have shown clinical success in helping those experiencing menopause mood changes, especially when it comes to feelings of anxiousness and irritability. Try Kindra’s Focus Supplement, with the power of super antioxidants Pycnogenol® and Green Tea Leaf Extract combined, is uniquely formulated to simultaneously calm your body and ease your mind.

2. Practice gratitude.

Developing a gratitude practice is a great way to change your perception of situations and create new framework. Not sure where to start? Start with simply writing down a list of three things that brought you joy this week in a journal.

3. Exercise.

Regular exercise is key for sleep quality, mood, bone health and so much more during the menopause transition. When you exercise, your body releases dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin which boosts brain health and mood.

4. Supplement your wellbeing.

Don’t overlook the power of supplements as a part of your selfcare regimen. It can be hard to get all of the nutrients our body can benefit through our food intake alone. Try Kindra’s Core Supplement which packs a powerful punch with super antioxidant Pycnogenol and potent adaptogen Ashwagandha. Estrogen-free and formulated to decrease hot flashes, brain fog, night sweats and improve libido! Get back to feeling like you.

5. Connect with others.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Our Facebook group is a safe and welcome space for women to connect on all things menopause and beyond. No burden is too big, no question is too small in this community.

6. Maintain “me time”. 

Distractions can make us lose sight of our personal wellness and priorities. We encourage taking time to yourself to do things you enjoy and decompress after a long day, such as reading, taking a walk, or doing a face mask.

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