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Intimacy FAQ’s: Featuring Dr. Juliana Hauser

We took the time to sit down with licensed marriage and family therapist and sex-positive educator, Dr. Juliana Hauser. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Juliana’s mission is to  connect people with their essence – their truest self – through uncovering, demystifying, and reclaiming their unique sexuality through sex-positive education programs and counseling. During our chat we discussed all things aging and sex, questions to ask your partner for a deeper relationship, and more. Read more to hear what she had to say.

Q: Is it harder to reach orgasms in menopause?

A: It can be harder since our bodies are going through hormonal and psychological changes. Embracing a mindset of curiosity and changing up your usual sexual routine (try new positions or toys to help bring more pleasure) can help with orgasms.

Q: What are new ways of touch?

A: Try these four new ways of touch on your arms or legs first to see what you like and then replicate them down there:

  1. Earth - Touch that's grounding and firm
  2. Water - Touch that has movement 
  3. Air - Touch that's light and slow 
  4. Fire - Spanking, pinching, or unexpected touch

Q: What can I do about vaginal dryness?

A: The first thing you can do about vaginal dryness is to not feel shame around what your body is going through. To be proactive, start using vaginal lotions or serums daily, and lubricants when you're being sexually active.

Q: How can we communicate with our partners about menopause or peri-menopause?

A: Try a more casual approach. Sometimes our partners don’t know how to respond right away, but with some education, they'll get it right.

 Dr. Juliana's 5 Tips for Aging and Sex

1. Holistic Sex Education: Sex education is more than just sex acts and should be looked at it in a holistic endeavor 
    2. Practice Sex Act Exercises: Think about things you have or haven't done before and things you want to try again.
      3. Be your own advocate: Educate yourself, ask yourself questions, and don’t be satisfied with being told no on things you want to change.
        4. Get an aging mentor: Talk to someone who is open to speaking about their sexual life and aging 
          5. Practice sexual agency: Knowing who you are and what your need and wants are matter


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