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Break The Silence with Katie Fogarty

Welcome back to our Break The Silence series. If you're new here, we invite women from our Kindra community who are willing to talk about their menopause experience to share words of wisdom to support you on your peri/post-menopause journey.

This month, we had the chance to catch up with Katie Fogarty. Katie is a powerhouse—not only is she the founder and CEO of The Reboot Group, a communications consultancy, but she also hosts “A Certain Age” podcast, which celebrates life 50+ for women who are unafraid to age out loud. Be sure to tune in weekly for new episodes.

Read on for our exclusive conversation with Katie.

What is your age and menopause phase?

51, post-menopause.

What is the biggest thing your menopause journey taught you so far?

Menopause — and midlife — is more fun with friends. Who needs women's magazines to tell you what's what when you have actual women in your life? Sharing all my maddening menopausal issues with my girlfriends: wide awake at 3am, when did sex become painful?, waves of toxic rage - not only makes you feel less alone, it also generates a raft of been-there, survived-that recommendations on products, tools and resources that can help. So, lean on your friends!

If you could tell someone feeling anxious at the beginning of their journey one thing, what would that be?

Find yourself a doctor who gets it. Menopause touches every aspect of your life - your body, your brain, your sleep, your mood, your sex life. You can and should be working with a supportive doctor who is up-to-date on the latest science and treatments.

On my podcast A Certain Age, I have learned an astonishing amount about my own body and about menopause, and bladder, vaginal and pelvic floor health from the doctors who join me as guests.

What are the top 3 things you wish you knew when you started your menopause journey?

First, pop culture does not get menopause right. We hear endlessly about hot flashes but very little about say, dry vagina, thinning hair, or brain fog. If your body and brain start to change as you age, menopause may be the culprit.

Second, menopause is inevitable, but its irksome symptoms don't have to be. You don't need to be so effing tired. You don't need to endure painful sex. You don't need to put up with volcanic mood swings. Fixes are out there!

Third, not all doctors are menopause-savvy. In fact, most receive next-to-no training on menopause and its side effects and treatments. Find a doctor who specializes in women's hormonal health and the complex interplay of how menopause affects all areas of health and wellness.

What are your favorite Kindra products and why?

The Sleep Enhancing Supplement, of course! I am eternally on a quest for better Zzzs. Kindra's Sleep Supplement is now part of my pre-bedtime routine. I've noticed my 3am wake-ups are decreasing.

Anything else you wish to share with the Kindra community?

I launched A Certain Age to shine an age-positive light on midlife and create a space where women are aging out loud and having honest conversations about life age 50+. In that spirit, I’m making it a point to talk about menopause with my 20-year-old daughter. All women should be equipped with the knowledge, resources, and sense of community to help navigate the changes of this life stage.

Keep up with Katie on Instagram and tune in to A Certain Age for new episodes every week.

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