As estrogen levels fluctuate and decline, so do our collagen levels. These decreased collagen levels can cause our skin to feel dry and flaky, day after day. The result? You may be uncomfortable and sometimes in pain, and you may notice that your favorite lotion is no longer working like it used to. 

Kindra's suite of products are safe, effective, non-hormonal formulations with clinically-backed ingredients. Our products are formulated with ingredients shown to support the healing of the skin-moisture barrier over time, provide hydration and moisture, reduce discomfort, and help you feel comfortable again.



The Core Supplement

From regulating body temperature to promoting vaginal health and sexual wellness, Core does it all.

The Essential Bundle

Our best-selling combination designed to boost hydration inside and out.

The Ultimate V Relief Bundle

The maximum relief for your vulvar & vaginal dryness and discomfort.

The Sensitive V Relief Bundle

The maximum relief for your vulvar & vaginal discomfort or sensitivity.

The Sensitive Essential Bundle

Designed for sensitive intimate skin to reduce discomfort and boost hydration inside and out.

Soothe Bath Soak & Shower Gel

The first bath product specifically formulated for women experiencing vaginal discomfort or shifting vaginal pH during midlife.