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A new year to feel like you again. We want to celebrate 2023 by helping you be vaginal dryness, hot-flash, and night-sweat free. To start the year off right, we're offering our best deal ever with 50% off this collection and free shipping when you use code NEWYEAR.


V Relief Serum

Uniquely formulated to soothe sensitive itching, burning, or stinging vulvar and vaginal skin

The Sensitive V Relief Bundle

The maximum relief for your vulvar & vaginal discomfort or sensitivity.

Soothe Bath Soak

The first bath soak specifically formulated for women experiencing vaginal discomfort or shifting vaginal pH during midlife.

Soothe & Snooze

Give yourself the gift of intimate hydration and restorative rest.

The Sleep Supplement

Our body-balancing night supplement promotes sleep and relaxation so you can rest easy.

The Focus Supplement

Feel fresh and focused with our energizing, antioxidant-packed hero.

Day-to-Night Booster Bundle

Day-to-Night Booster Bundle

Catch more ZZZs and feel fresh and focused with our antioxidant-packed heroes.