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Hot Flashes

What's going on?
As many as 75% of women experience hot flashes—a rapid, spontaneous feeling of warmth that can cause profuse perspiration.

During a hot flash, your brain mistakenly senses that your body is too warm and sends a signal to cool you down immediately. Your blood vessels expand, causing you to sweat. Some women may also experience a flushed, red look.

What can you do?
Doctors are still trying to find the exact cause of hot flashes. But you can take additional measures to stay cool: turn down the thermostat, use cool wicking fabrics for clothes and sheets, turn on a fan, and have cold water available.

What natural ingredients help?
Pycnogenol, basically the most powerful antioxidant on the planet, regulates blood flow for cooling body comfort — found in The Core, The Energy, & The Sleep.

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