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Everything You Need to Know About Using The Daily Vaginal Lotion

Congrats on starting this new journey of self-care! With just 2-3 pumps per day, you can look forward to relief for vaginal & vulvar discomfort and joining the 91% of women who reported feeling less pain during sex in just 14 days. 

Why is The Daily Vaginal Lotion So Effective?

The Daily Vaginal Lotion contains vitamin E and niacinamide, which is a skin critical vitamin and is known to rebuild the skin-moisture barrier over time. You'll be happy to hear that 95% of women who used the Daily Vaginal Lotion reported improvements in vaginal dryness.

Pro Tip: Use 2-3 pumps twice daily for best, long-lasting results. An AM/PM routine works well! 

What You Can Expect:

Day 1: Soothe the Skin

Your first application of Daily Vaginal Lotion provides immediate benefits: moisture and hydration, greater comfort, and an overall soothing feel. You may notice a slight tingling or burning with sensitive skin that should subside in a few minutes. 

  • 95% of women reported intimate area feeling moisturized and/or hydrated
  • 75% of women reported the lotion feels soothing upon application
  • 75% of women reported feeling naturally lubricated

Day 3: Get Acclimated

By day 3, the lotion is working to support your skin moisture barrier and improve overall dryness. You may notice a slight burning sensation. Don’t worry – the lotions expert formula is working to fuel your natural lubrication.

  • 78% of women reported the lotion feels soothing upon application
  • 80% of women reported feeling more comfortable
  • 88% of women reported an improvement in the feeling of vaginal dryness

Day 14: Improve Your Intimacy

As vaginal dryness is rapidly improving, women also reported feeling less pain during sex. If a burning sensation persists at this time, we recommend pausing use and consulting your doctor.

  • 82% of women reported an improvement in the feeling of vaginal dryness
  • 91% of women reported an improvement in the feeling of pain during sex

Day 28: Restored and Rejuvenated

In less than a month of daily use, most women report no vaginal dryness and no pain during sex. We recommend continual use daily for sustained benefits.

  • 73% of women reported no symptoms regarding the feeling of vaginal dryness
  • 64% of women reported no symptoms regarding the feeling of pain during sex

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How to Use The Daily Vaginal Lotion:


We recommend using twice daily for long-lasting results.

  1. Wash your hands and apply 2-3 pumps onto a clean, dry finger. Use at least twice daily for optimal relief - an AM/PM routine is recommended.
  2. Apply gently to the external vagina (vulva) and vaginal opening (introitus). If needed, apply with a clean finger 1 inch into the vagina. 
  3. Wash hands after each use.

    Real Reviews from Customers:

    "This is probably the fourth product I used. I started getting relief after a week. Definitely after a month, I knew it was the product for me. My skin is softer and intimate relations have improved tremendously." - AC

    "I am 63, I had menopause at 50. It's been 13 years of trying to find the right solution for the dryness. Nothing seemed to work. Until you came along. Even my sex life has been better! No more pain! The slight sting went away after 2 applications and I am highly sensitive to creams and lotions." - Blue

    "I am so relieved and pleased not to have to resort to a prescription estrogen cream. So glad I took a chance and tried it!" - Jennifer

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