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Why MenoDay? Meet the Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam Team

This World Menopause Month, Kindra and our friends at Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam are focusing on both the joys and — let’s phase it — more challenging aspects of menopause.  From the triumph of your Meno-Day — that one-year mark without your period — to the challenges of your fifth, fifteenth, or fiftieth hot flash, we want to say goodbye to the stigmas and welcome celebration! 

Read on to learn more about the behind-the-scenes of our Meno-Day Campaign and meet the Ogilvy.Social Lab Team.

Where did the idea for Meno-Day come from?

We participated in the 2021 D&AD New Blood Awards and decided to work on a brief from The Case for Her and Refinery29 about repositioning menopause.

We did some in-depth research, read loads of articles, and had some enriching open talks with our mums. We discovered that Menopause remains a taboo subject. Its absence in mainstream media is detrimental to anyone and everyone going through it, including women, trans men, and non-binary people of all ages.

As part of the brief, The Case for Her and Refinery29 hosted a live Q&A with Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible. One thing in particular that she said led us to a key insight. “Menopause is the point at which 12 months have passed since your last period. That’s it. Afterward, you enter post-menopause.” This got us thinking. If menopause is only one moment, on one specific day, why not celebrate that day?

Why does your team feel like this is important to celebrate?

We believe that Happy Meno-Day is a way to tackle the lack of awareness about menopause and talk about it with fresh thinking and positivity.

The Happy Meno-Day song is a way to encourage celebration and remind people who menopause that they are loved, admired, and deserve to celebrate this new era of themselves.

We’re so excited to partner with a group of younger creative individuals so passionate about breaking down stigmas around menopause. Tell us more about your team.

Twan is a creative strategist and musician, Justine and Erwan are animators and motion designers creative team, and we all work for Ogilvy Social.Lab Amsterdam. We also recently opened a content studio within the company named Red Onions.

Luc and Pepijn, members of the Julie Asteroid band with Twan, helped him create the Meno-Day song. And finally, Elies, the talented vocalist behind our Happy Meno-Day song, is working for a musical in Vienna now!


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