The Difference Between V Relief Serum & The Daily Vaginal Lotion

What’s the difference between the V Relief Serum and the Daily Vaginal Lotion?

The V Relief Serum is recommended for sensitive vulvar and vaginal tissue. How sensitive? Here are a few questions to help categorize what you are experiencing:

  • Is your vulva and vagina sensitive to the touch?
  • Do you feel pain, burning, itching, or stinging; especially when applying products, wiping, or intimacy?
  • Do you feel dry, but mostly discomfort and sensitivity? Do you feel no dryness, but feel discomfort?
  • Have you tried other products and felt burning and stinging upon application that did not subside after a few minutes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the V Relief Serum is a great choice for you. The serum features the SensV-3 complex, with a peptide specifically developed for sensitive skin, with discomfort related to itching, burning, stinging, and hypersensitivity. Plus, hyaluronic acid provides hydration, and vitamin E supports skin health. The Daily Vaginal Lotion is recommended for vulvar (external vagina) dryness and at the vaginal opening (introitus) that is mild to moderate to severe. Use of the lotion over time helps support the skin moisture barrier when it is thinning and dry. Key ingredients like niacinamide help to restore intimate skin with daily use, while coconut oil and safflower oil help to provide hydration and moisture. If you are feeling dry, but not necessarily feeling pain, sensitivity to touch, or burning, the lotion is a great choice for you. This lotion formulation is slightly thicker than the V Relief Serum, and can be used daily for maintaining a healthier, more nourished vulva and vagina.

What if I feel both dryness and discomfort from feeling sensitive?

When experiencing a range of symptoms at once, including dryness, sensitivity, itching, burning, and stinging, or you are experiencing dryness that is severe enough that you feel hyper-sensitive to touch, our board certified medical advisors suggest addressing discomfort and sensitivity, then dryness. This is to help vulvar and vaginal skin, particularly at the vaginal opening feel less sensitive with a gentle formulation, until the skin is able to tolerate a thicker moisturizer. In this case, we recommend starting with the V Relief Serum. Try the serum risk-free, committing to daily use for 30 days. In consumer studies, women experiencing intimate skin sensitivity, discomfort, and dryness, reported a marked improvement after 28 days of daily use. Once the skin feels hydrated, discomfort has subsided, and sensitivity is no longer an issue, you can either continue using the serum, or switch to the Daily Vaginal Lotion for a thicker formulation to maintain nourishing moisturization.

Can I use both the Serum and the Lotion the same time?

Currently, we do not recommend layering the formulas. For one thing, at Kindra, we do our very best research and testing to develop targeted solutions for your specific needs. This can include symptoms like dryness, itching, burning, stinging, sensitivity, and painful sex. However, depending on the phase of life you are in, where you are in the menopause journey, and factors like your vaginal microbiome (levels of healthy bacteria,) or vaginal pH, certain products may be a fit for you at different times. We recommend selecting and committing to the lotion or the serum, and committing to a consistent regimen for best results. Over time, as your symptoms of levels of dryness and discomfort may fluctuate, you can switch between the two formulas. You can always email us if you have any questions, or read more here about when to use each product and why. Or, hop over to our quiz to answer questions about how your currently feeling, and we can recommend the best option for you. If your symptoms persist, or you experience pain or bleeding, please reach out to your medical provider for support.

If you are still unsure which product is right for you, take our quiz for a more tailored regimen and the chance to speak with one of our experts to find the perfect solution for you.

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