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September Reflections: Don't Ignore the Signs

Do you believe in signs? Because lately I’ve been asking myself if I do.

A few weeks ago, I packed up and moved across the country with my husband, our twins, and two beloved dogs. The moment we reached our new rental house one of our dogs ran away into the woods (thank goodness we found her). Then, we realized there might be a mold problem in the home where we are staying (and, of course, there was). Days later, a large branch fell through the roof into my daughter’s room while she was sleeping (don’t worry; she's okay).

It’s been a month of small scares and big changes that all add up. I admit I’ve found myself lying awake at night in this new place questioning my choices. It’s one of those life moments when no matter how level-headed and resilient I hope I am—as a mother, a wife, a leader, a human—I can’t help but think: Is the universe trying to give me a sign here? Am I on the right path?

If menopause has taught me anything, it’s that our intuition can play tricks on us, especially in moments of uncertainty. We moved 3,000 miles across the country for many reasons, but the primary one was to be closer to family. And you know who took us in when our temporary housing seemed almost cursed? My parents. Even as a “grown-up” 50 year old woman, finding support with your family is a gift. No matter what happens in life, or who is in your chosen family, living takes a village.

The truth is that all these tiny scares were absolutely signs—signs that I have come to the place I need to be. If any of this had happened before our move, we simply would have been on our own. My family was there every step of the way—walking the woods in search of our dog, showering my daughter with laughter and love after her midnight scare and making up beds for us as we fled the broken down rental. This gift, right now, of intergenerational family is a privilege, and my sign in this moment of big change that I am right where I need to be.

October is Menopause Awareness month, and September has served as the perfect reminder of just that—the power of awareness. When we start our menopause journey, there are lots of signs—often the kind we ignore until they become too difficult to ignore. But when we dig a little deeper, understand and learn more about this journey, lean on our support systems, and—yes—get some sleep, we see more clearly. We see that while change isn’t always easy, it is essential and can even be enriching.

Today and everyday, we’re here to hold space for our sisters, mothers, daughters, friends, neighbors, and selves. And this month especially, I wish us all the gift of awareness. Of paying attention to all the little signs and seeing them for what they are—an opportunity for you to reconnect with and trust your body and your intuition. You have more power than you know. You are on the right path. You are not alone. You are Kindra.


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Thank you for blessing me with this! I love this article !!!!!!!

— Angela

I do believe in signs and my intuition has become stronger as I’ve become older and wiser. Thanks for this great article!

— Kim

I really needed to hear this today.
Thank you so very much.

— Dana

Right on sister!

— Sweetbee54

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