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Reflections for the New Year: On Resilience in Free Fall

I hate roller coasters. A slow buildup to a sudden drop into the terrifying unknown. That feeling of falling from a great height. The overwhelming sensation of total loss of control. It may seem cliché, but as I usher my family into 2022, I feel like I am sitting on the top of a rollercoaster teetering on the ride of my life.

From the tremendous growth of Kindra to my husband’s entrepreneurial career taking off, from my parents gracefully aging into a retirement community to my kids on the precipice of their first kisses, this next year will be one for the books. Being a good leader, partner, daughter, and mom is going to be a big role in 2022—one that I am grateful and privileged to fill for my loved ones.

Then there’s the bigger picture. 2020 was going to be our year! Remember? 2021 was to be the year we got back to normal. It was going to be ok. New Year’s 2022 is… eerily quiet. Uncertain. With each passing year, I feel the pull to try and make time stand still. But really—with all this turmoil in the world, how could I want that? The last few years have been particularly tumultuous for the world, and I imagine we all may find ourselves wanting to pause and fast-forward all at once. I wish I could skip ahead to more certain times, but somehow stay like I am now—healthy, working hard, loving strong.

But we can’t bottle or manipulate time. So what do we do instead?

I speak to a lot of experts on all things change by virtue of my role at Kindra. They all talk about how finding yourself in new circumstances—good or bad—is naturally overwhelming. The uncertainty of facing and even walking toward something you’ve never experienced before is a major source of stress. It is the unknowing that makes it worse. I’ve come to the realization that these days ahead at the dawn of this new year are much like the journeys you all share with me as we navigate our changing bodies and spirits.

And just like that (😉), I knew how to unknowingly move forward.

I started by taking 3 days off. As the CEO of a rapidly growing startup, that’s no small feat. But I took real time just for me and mine, and I hope you were able to carve some out, too. Because the key to closing the books on 2021 and entering into the great unknown of 2022 is taking care of ourselves. From catching up on reading (highly recommend Untamed—I listened to the audiobook, then immediately devoured her podcast) and entertainment (Succession, anyone?!) to spending time sweating to my favorite music while working out (it’s honestly been a life saver) and perfecting my homemade green juice recipe (ginger and lime, friends), I’m intentionally taking time to refill my well, so I have something to bring to you all in 2022. We have so many exciting things in store!

We’re partnering with an incredible nutritionist to share expert guidance on how to bring your gut and hormonal health in sync. I can’t wait to introduce you to her! And we’ll be soothing our bodies inside and out with an all-new formula from the Kindra Innovation Lab that has personally done wonders for my paper-thin, dry skin everywhere! We’re honored to continue our mission to support your menopause journey in these ways and more in the year ahead.

You don’t spontaneously summon resilience in the face of unexpected or difficult circumstances; you have to cultivate it. In this time of reflection and anticipation for us all, I encourage you to truly prioritize your well-being, practice gratitude, and simply love yourself a little bit more. That’s what I’m resolved to do, and I hope you’ll join me. It will give us something to hold onto and ground us when circumstances beyond our control befall us. Together we can expect the unexpected and—whenever possible—allow ourselves to enjoy the ride.

You are not alone. We are Kindra.


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Thanks for your heartfelt new year’s message. As one who is navigating her 75th year, I feel grateful for companies like Kindra, that are dedicated to women’s wellness and quality of life. Cheers to continued inspiration, resilience and love in 2022!

— Wendy Satsky

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