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October Reflections: Let's Keep the Power Surge Going

Can I be honest about something? When I walked into Gloria Steinem’s welcoming home for the inaugural Couch Conversation earlier this month, I was nervous.

What you might not know about me is that I don’t often feel nervous. My cool, calm, and collected nature has served me well—especially in my career. But when I sat down with these notable doctors, journalists, artists, activists, and founders in the home of a revolutionary icon to talk about our shared experience with menopause, I was not sure what would happen. I have met with and talked to thousands of women about menopause. Somehow this seemed different, but in reality—it wasn’t.

As the conversation got going, I recognized the sense of belonging I have seen and felt through so many of these discussions as we shared our stories, listened to what everyone had to say, and even got fired up about menopause and so much more. As one of the attendees, the incomparable Brooke Shields, said:

“From now on, a hot flash is no longer a hot flash, it’s a power surge.”

Menopause is so much more than our periods ending. Which is exactly why we are not only running a business here at Kindra, we're building a community and fueling a movement—one vital conversation at a time.

I don’t need to tell you that we’re behind on the science and innovation of supporting women’s health in more ways than one. We can spend an average of 40% of our lives in peri to post menopause, and during that time our hormones shift, leading to concerns from osteoporosis and heart disease to mental health, sexual wellness, and so much more. And I know that by openly sharing our life experiences and demanding support for ourselves, we ALL win.

As we turn the page from October to November and close the books on Menopause Awareness Month, I look to you to keep the power surge going. We can no longer keep these empowering conversations quiet. And as we head into the busy holiday season that we all know women carry, so many people on their menopause journey will feel isolated as we come together in celebration. They’re going it alone. They need a kind of support, knowledge, and encouragement that can only be found in you—friends, family, colleagues, maybe even strangers. I’m personally asking you to speak up in your own circles to change the way we go through this change. When you reach out to just one person to listen and share what you’ve experienced and discovered without fear or shame, you are part of an infinitely larger network of support. This month marked our first Couch Conversation, but with your help, we will spark many more of these moments, lifting up not only ourselves but each other.

You are not alone. Together we are Kindra.



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Love to talk with other women.

— Rita Turner

I am an open book type of person by nature, so speaking about my menopause is no secret where I work, or at home, even with customers…yep I said customers. When I have a “power surge” and they are all visible from my face, I need to explain why I”m sweating the way I am. The customer and I get a giggle from it and the women explain to me what they are/went thru and the men will talk about their wives.

— Connie Cruz

Your article was very uplifting, thank you.

— Lisa Durrance

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