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July Reflections: On Changing the World, Just Like That

And Just Like That …. Kindra started a revolution

We started Kindra to change the cultural conversation around menopause, ageism and sex. Have you seen the last few eps of And Just Like That? It’s working! 

When we invited my friend, the amazing and talented And Just Like That writer, to a conversation on menopause with Gloria Steinem in her NYC townhome, the last thing we expected was to see the experience echoed in this latest episode, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. 

That Couch Conversation was a special one—we came together to discuss Menopause in The Writer’s Room. Gloria ended that session with us sharing something she has learned through her own drive to change the status quo: “Every social justice movement in the world started with a conversation.” She carried that important message loud and clear in this week’s episode.

I have heard from some of you that you are not fan-girling over Carrie’s character development as you had in the past - especially considering her profound cultural impact on a generation's perception of womanhood, sexuality, and self-acceptance. You are disappointed to see her hesitate and struggle to embrace aging, and some of the less sexy things that come with it, (vaginal dryness, sexual discomfort, need I say more?!?!) But that sh*t is real! Coming to terms with our changing bodies can be difficult, and part of the reason battling ageism is so difficult is that it can be self-inflicted.  Topics like changing sexual needs and self confidence in aging are being discussed openly and honestly on this show - and that is simply groundbreaking. 

And yes, we’d like to think we had a little to do with it. ;)

Change is a process. Every time you challenge the status quo and talk about aging, menopause, and sexual freedom - you're part of the movement.  Just as we shared those moments of inspiration and intent with Gloria in her home, it’s the ripple effect of our own conversations that can make all the difference. 

Keep it up, @andjustlikethat

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