The Daily V System

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Introducing the first-ever comprehensive, hormone-free system to support vulvar and vaginal skin for optimal vaginal health and sexual wellness. Save 40% when you subscribe.

Improve vaginal lubrication

Relieve mild, moderate, and severe dryness

Soothe discomfort like itching, burning, stinging

Increase sexual desire and arousal

risk free! 30-day money back guarantee

This hormone-free system provides targeted relief and support for your daily vulvar and vaginal health needs. Formulated with clinically-tested ingredients so you can feel hydrated, comfortable, and enjoy intimacy more.

Included: The Daily Vaginal Lotion (1 fl oz), V Relief Serum (1 fl oz), Soothe Bath Soak & Shower Gel (8 fl oz), Core Supplement (30 capsules)

How It Works

Start your daily routine with a bath product that actually soothes intimate skin, rather than irritate it

Formulated to deeply nourish sensitive vulvar skin, pH balanced for intimate skin, and featuring ingredients clinically-tested to reduce skin discomfort, Soothe will make your intimate skin feel calmed, hydrated, and moisturized.


reported meaningful improvement in vulvar and vaginal dryness after 7 days

Key Ingredients

Nourish-3 Complex

Vitamin E

Coconut Water

Rose Extract

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Pelvic floor physical therapist, Dr. Sara Reardon, also known online as The Vagina Whisperer, loves the Daily V System - "It's the first ever doctor-approved hormone-free vaginal health regimen that helps provide game-changing relief from day 1."

certified cruelty free


Estrogen free

Clinically Studied Ingredients


certified cruelty free


Estrogen free

Clinically Studied Ingredients


Restore Moisture

Moisture loss causes symptoms

Hormonal fluctuations contribute to a breakdown in skin barrier function causing moisture lost & disruptive symptoms.

Strengthening the skin barrier protects moisture content

Kindra’s products support the tissue & help maintain tissue health over time


of women reported long-lasting hydration

Our ingredients moisturize tissue on a cellular level, providing immediate comfort and lasting relief. Niacinamide supports ceramide function, omega rich oils support skin nourishment and hyaluronic acid deeply hydrates to keep skin healthy.

Turn Up the Heat

Enjoy intimacy more with this daily system. Formulated with ingredients that support a healthy vaginal pH and microbiome to relieve vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex, and lubricate intimate skin to bring back your sex drive, arousal and orgasms.