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Kindra Medical advisor, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, answers your most asked questions about menopause.

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Everyday Self-Care

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Designed for peri/menopause and beyond, Core includes clinically-studied super-antioxidant Pycnogenol® to support healthy circulation, (goodbye, hot flashes and night sweats,) mental clarity, (so long, mood swings and brain fog), and skin suppleness. Plus, boasts the benefits of potent adaptogen Ashwagandha to help reduce stress and boost libido.

Will my hot flashes last forever?

Hot flashes can last anywhere from 2 to 10 years, with 10% of women 70+ experiencing occasional hot flashes. Most of you all will get through this without treatment in about 4 years. With treatment, you can get them in control in less than 30 days, like with pharmaceuticals. Natural products including supplements may take a little longer, say 60-90 days. They are not going to last forever and there are many things you can do about it. Kindra has some wonderful non-hormonal, safe, and effective products that work very well, including the best-selling Core Supplement.

What causes bladder leaks?

Why is bladder leakage happening as we get older? Pelvic floor muscles that support the bladder relax and weaken as we age. If we don’t do strength training, our body will get weaker. It’s the same thing with your pelvic floor. As it weakens over time, the bladder position will change, so pressure from a sneeze, jog, or laugh can cause leakage. To help this, there are exercises available online, or energetic devices that can help strengthen the pelvic floor. Spend time understanding the anatomy of your body so you can prepare for and manage these issues as they come up.

What can I do about vaginal dryness during intimacy?

Stop using hygiene products - wipes, douches, cleansers - stop. The tissue in that area is delicate like your gums. We brush our teeth, not our delicate gums. So, we shouldn’t be harsh with our intimate skin, either. There is a difference between personal moisturizers which are used for dryness and irritation versus lubricants that are used for intercourse or masturbation. Kindra makes a great vaginal moisturizer with a cool little applicator that’s easy to use if you don’t want to use your fingers. Keeping the area moist and also letting airflow while not stripping the moisture-producing oils is very important to maintain or re-establish that pH balance we want to have.

How do you feel?

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This is it. This is the one. This beloved formula features an essential blend of feather light, ultra-hydrating extracts, including coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, safflower seed oil, and moisture loving humectants. Plus, skin-critical vitamins E and B3 (niacinamide) support the healing of the skin-moisture barrier over time. When used daily, our lotion helps dramatically improve dryness in intimate areas, leaving you and your Lady V in long-lasting comfort. Paired with our revolutionary, reusable applicator that's designed to be gentle and easy to use for stress-free, sanitary self-care.

Why am I gaining weight?

Fluctuating hormones change the way our metabolism functions: lack of sleep increases cortisol levels, inflammation, and stress hormones, causing us to hang on to weight. Weight bearing activity helps. Blood flow brings all the good stuff, helping to build muscle and bone strength, (important since osteoporosis can be an issue as we age). Let’s try to reframe and change what we’re doing by abandoning negative self talk. We have to give ourselves time to recover from our fitness routine, avoiding over-exercise. Rest, pick up weights, and don’t lose hope.


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