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The End of Dry Skin as We Know It – Say Hello to your New Hydration Heroes

We started Kindra with a seemingly simple mission: empower people who experience the hormonal changes of menopause to care for their bodies—naturally, safely, and holistically. We know that two bodies menopause the same which is why we committed to providing you with a custom plan, tailored to your unique interests and needs, through our menopause quiz. We’re listening to your concerns. Since launching our quiz in December 2020, we’ve heard that 62% of Kindra customers are navigating vaginal dryness, and 43% of you are struggling with skin dryness.

That’s why we wanted to partner with SeeMe Beauty. Their first-of-its-kind line of skin care products feature ingredients from nature that were selected pointedly for their effectiveness on estrogen depleted skin. Based on the unique SeeMe Complex™ – Artichoke leaf extract, Avocado, Dill, Turmeric, and Vitamin B3– SeeMe products were designed to reduce inflammation, retain more moisture, increase cellular energy, enhance firmness and reduce damage from free radicals.

You’ve already taken a big step toward hydration happiness by incorporating the Daily Vaginal Lotion into your self-care regimen, so why not switch up your beauty routine to adapt to your changing skin? SeeMe’s Smooth Out Recovery Serum, named twice by Allure Magazine as one of the best skin care and wellness products to use during menopause, is a great place to start. Thanks to deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourish the serum will restore vitality to estrogen-depleted skin. 

Prefer more of an all-in approach? Go for the gold with the Simply Irresistible Skin Care Kit; an all-in-one day-to-night system that features all four products that feature the unique SeeMe Complex™. 

With SeeMe and Kindra in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared to tell dull, dry, sagging skin to beat it.


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