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Passion and Purpose and Answers on My Birthday

“Do you have any hobbies?” That is the question I was asked last week by a mother in my kids’ class when we first met recently. Hobbies.

Honestly, I was taken off guard. Having time to myself to concentrate on something just for me has never been my strong suit. Riding the Peloton, going for a walk, or occasionally catching drinks with my friends is about as far as I go off the path of raising my kids and serving Kindra. I felt a flash of insecurity at first, but soon discovered I was making a fast friend simply by sharing my truth.

So, how did I answer her? I have a feeling you will not be surprised.

“Well,” I started, “I’m not sure I have a traditional hobby at the moment, but I do have a passion project.”

I wouldn’t say I’m a workaholic (to my face, at least!). I’d say I’m lucky to be obsessed with what I do for a living. My job is leading the dream team at Kindra in serving our customers on their menopause journey. My passion is empowering people to truly care for themselves without embarrassment or shame through the power of community. I told her, “I am dreaming up a place where all of us on our menopause journey feel we belong.”

My spontaneous answer reminded me of a quote I love from Gloria Steinem: “Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” At the outset of my career, I did not plan to join this epic quest with all of you, but I did dream of supporting my sisters in every way possible for as long as I can remember. I did dream of helping women gain access to support for their health and wellness—physical, mental or spiritual. When it comes to the challenges of this midlife transition, we all deserve answers, solutions, respect, and support. I want to spend this part of my life fighting the status quo and making space—not just for me, but for all of us.

Today also happens to be my birthday. I know, I really buried the lead. What I would love most for my birthday is for you to give yourself permission to dream and imagine big, especially in ways that align with your personal passions. Meanwhile, the gift I’m giving myself, inspired by my cool new mom friend, is the gift of exploring hobbies outside of my obsession with flipping the script on menopause (which I’m still doing with all of my heart). In addition to working out, stretching my legs, and socializing with friends, I’m trying a few new things—from Wordle to writing—and seeing what sparks. I hope you will join me in dreaming, planning, and playing, in addition to changing the way we navigate the change together.

Remember what I always say. You are not alone. We are Kindra. Today and everyday.


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Happy birthday! Yesterday was my birthday. This reflection got me thinking about new hobbies to try out and see if any spark interest. Thank you!

— Courtney Carroll

Happy birthday 💖

— Debbie

Dear Catherine, First I feel honored to share the same first name. Even though I am a transgender woman and will not be subject to menopause, I am looking forward to my future. I realize that I am starting very late in life on this journey. This will probably be my hobby and passion. I am in a tenuous situation with my family, but I am trying to breach the subject. Feminine and beauty products are hard for me to acquire. I hope to grow as a woman and make all women proud of my journey. Love and happiness to you and all of the staff at Kindra.

— Catherine Lynn Goodman

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