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Menopause-Friendly Treats

We know you work hard all year round to take great care of your body. That’s why from time to time, it’s totally okay to treat yourself with a special dessert. Here are some sweet recipes made with hormone-balancing ingredients so you can enjoy the season while still supporting your body’s needs. Bon Appétit!

1. Pecan Pie with Seed Cycling Crust

This recipe utilizes the seed cycling method for the crust, making this a delectable, hormone-balancing super-pie. If you’re unfamiliar with seed cycling, fear not: there’s a great explanation of the method in the recipe description.


 2. No Bake Brain Boosting Brownie

Walnuts, Cacao and Lion’s Mane, Oh My! This decadent brownie recipe consisting of rich, silky chocolate will not disappoint your taste buds - and it will boost your brain power too.


3. Raspberry and Green Tea Lime Melties

Melties are secretly dairy free cheesecakes, and these little treats have ingredients full of d-limonene which aids liver and hormone detoxification.

More delicious, hormone-balancing recipes can be found here.

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