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Dear Kindra: Our Menopause Advice Column

Calling all those having intimacy troubles...

Welcome to our new advice column. We're answering your top menopause questions - from painful sex to dryness woes. Let's hear what women say about how to handle it.

Pain, Pain Go Away

Dear Kindra, I’m experiencing a lot of pain during sex, and it’s making me not want to be intimate with my partner. Any tips on how to ease the pain?

First things first – you’re not alone! Menopause can bring with it changes that can lead to vaginal dryness, which can lower libido. The pain that you’re experiencing during sex may be due to dry, sensitive intimate skin. Consider asking your doctor if a prescription, low-dose estrogen cream, ring, or tablet is suitable for you. In the meantime, lubricants and vaginal moisturizers are here to help. Our super-nourishing daily vaginal moisturizer hydrates intimate skin for up to 24 hours while helping to support moisture over time. This may support less painful sex. 95% of users report meaningful improvement in dryness after just one application, with 80% saying it feels just like natural lubrication. Give it a try risk-free!

In Search of Intimacy

Dear Kindra, My menopause symptoms feel full force now, and sex isn’t coming as naturally between my partner and me. Do you have advice on how to keep our connection strong during and after menopause?

Often, the foundation for intimacy starts within. With all of the changes that come with mid-life, it’s helpful to navigate the shifts internally first before reconnecting with a partner. Let’s start with the body – how are you feeling...really? Menopause can reduce the blood flow to the vagina and clitoris and trigger night sweats and insomnia, and dryness (not to mention all of the non-hormone-related stresses that can reduce our libido). Check-in with yourself, and ensure you’re treating yourself to the self-care you need. Then, consider having a frank conversation with your partner – potentially with therapy – about exploring new ways to spark excitement between you two.

Dry and Distressed

Dear Kindra, I’m experiencing a lot of vaginal dryness and, with it, a good deal of shame for no longer feeling like myself. I know it’s something I need to talk about, but I’m just not sure how. Help!

Please know you are not alone and that we hear from so many women in our community daily of this same feeling. Not to worry, we are here for you. Remember, nothing you say or show your doctor will be news to them; they have seen it all! The first thing you want to do is note what you’re experiencing, when it changes and for how long and how it makes you feel. Maybe even journal it as a part of your self-care routine, and share it with your provider. This way, you won’t feel flustered at the moment when preparing to tell them about your vaginal discomfort and its impacts on your mood and self-confidence. From there, you can strategize on a plan to relieve not only the physical symptoms you're experiencing but also the equally important emotional ones.


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