The Daily Vaginal Lotion & Applicator


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Use daily for best results
30-Day Return Policy
1 reusable applicator comes with each one-time purchase
Subscribers receive 1 reusable applicator only with the first shipment

Gynecologically tested

Clinically tested ingredients

Estrogen Free**

Paraben free

Fragrance Free


**Does not contain estradiol or progesterone

When used every day, our Daily Vaginal Lotion moisturizes to help improve vaginal dryness and leave you feeling more comfortable. That’s because it’s pH balanced specifically for vaginal skin, and loaded with humectants, plant-based oils and vitamins to help moisturize and condition your most intimate area.

We’ve carefully selected ingredients that provide effective hydration and long-lasting moisturization for vaginal dryness.

Kindra scientists have carefully selected ingredients to provide effective moisturization and soothing vaginal skin conditioning benefits. The applicator is cleverly designed to deliver product exactly to where it is needed at the entrance of the vagina. The Kindra vaginal lotion is an effective first line treatment that can be considered for women with vaginal dryness.

Dryness is usually the most bothersome in one particular area – from the vaginal opening up to about a half inch inside. Our applicator helps you target the right spots for soothing relief.

Customer Reviews

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Menopause is no joke. All I ever heard about was “the hot flashes.” I never knew or heard about the issues that your lower region goes through!
Yes, dry, burning, itching, severe redness, ALL of that! My stupid GYN doctor (Female) even tested me for like 20 different issues, std’s, infections, etc. All normal. Stupid idiot should have known by my age & symptoms that I was in menopause!
I’m 54. She just said she didn’t know why I was so itchy & miserable. (Ugh)
Anyway, I tried the Estrace cream but it freaks me out so I thought I’d go more natural w/this cream from Kindra. Yes it burned a little the first time, nothing worse than what I already was feeling, I literally felt like my vagina area was on fire 24/7. This cream really soothes it and makes it feel back to normal. The second time I used it, there was no burning.
(Note: there’s also a natural vaginal suppository to help with internal issues I tried called Revaree. It’s basically Hyaluronate acid/sodium.
It has worked for me!)
So basically all of this NATURAL stuff works! Why don’t our dr’s tell us this? If Estrace or Premarin can be “iffy” & cause possible dangerous issues, why don’t our dr’s tell us about Kindra or Bonifide (Revaree) natural products?
Anyway, try this cream ladies, you won’t be sorry. It really really makes the burning & itchiness feel so much better :)


Great product that I am using this far! I will continue to use and spread the word.

Exceeded my expectations

Thanks for inventing this product. It’s gentle and makes me feel like myself again.

Most Effective of all that I've tried

Tried this on a reco from a friend. I was very skeptical - I have tried many things for uncomfortable intercourse (partly stemming from vaginal dryness) including creams and pills. This has been the most effective and the cheapest. Best of both worlds. Easy routine to keep. Truly impressive results.


I have been using the lotion for four months. One of the best things that has happened to me sense this has taken over my body. Great product.


Daily Vaginal Lotion

How long does a bottle of Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion last?
With recommended daily use, one bottle of Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion should last about 30-45 days.
How often should I use Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion?
We recommend that you use Kindra Daily Vaginal Lotion every day.
Is this product safe to use?
All ingredients have been evaluated for use on the intimate area by Human Safety and Regulatory professionals. As with other personal care products, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Kindra products are marketed in compliance with all appropriate US, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.
Does this product contain estrogen?
This product is estrogen-free. It does not contain estradiol or progesterone.
Is a burning/stinging sensation normal when using this product?
Some women might experience a brief burning/stinging sensation upon application due to skin dryness. This feeling should go away quickly, as the tissues are moisturized with repeated use. If continued skin irritation or skin sensitivity occurs, reduce the amount used or discontinue use and seek treatment from your healthcare provider.
Has this vaginal lotion (or other Kindra products) been approved by the FDA?
Kindra products are marketed in compliance with all appropriate US, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.


What is the applicator made of?
The soft and flexible applicator is made from medical-grade silicone.
How far do I insert the applicator?
Insert the applicator tip with vaginal lotion into the vaginal opening to the marked line on the applicator, about 1-2 cm (half an inch to an inch) into the vaginal opening. DO NOT INSERT THE ENTIRE APPLICATOR INTO THE VAGINA.
Can I reuse my applicator?
The applicator is designed to be reused. Always wash the applicator after use with mild soap and water, then rinse well with water and dry with a towel or air dry. Store in the satin bag that is provided until next use. With proper cleaning, you may continue to use applicator for as long as the vaginal lotion lasts, or as long as you would like. If applicator becomes cracked, damaged or worn, discard and replace.
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