What Women Wish They Knew

Kindra women tell all — from the things you truly don't know, to the questions you don't know to even ask about, our community shares what they wish they knew before menopause.

Meet Valerie Hatcher

"The lack of sleep. Had I known, I would have been better prepared."

Her Kindra: The Sleep Supplement

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Meet Dawn Parsons

“I have been in the throws of it for the last 6 months and I think the biggest thing I wish someone would have told me was I wasn’t going to feel like myself — hot flashes, constant, night sweats come back LOL I wish someone would have shared that.”

Her Kindra: The Core Supplement

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Meet Lisa King

“Menopause really took me by surprise. Now I knew there would be symptoms like weight gain and hot flashes, but other things, I was not expecting. The first being such flat emotion, I felt like I had no emotion left. And the other was just a super lack of energy!”

Her Kindra: The Energy Boosting Supplement

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