Did you know that menopause is technically just one day in a woman's life the day that marks 12 months since your last period?

It's officially one day we want to celebrate!

Time to Celebrate!

It's time to shed the shame around menopause and make this the moment to celebrate! Welcome to the new era of you. Let's start with #HappyMenoDay.

You may not remember exactly when your last period happened, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating.
Once you realize it’s officially a year, that’s your cue to
rejoice in this liberating change.

Check out our new song and video clip, and share your story below!

Music by Julie Asteroid & Vocals by Elies De Vries

We’re saying goodbye to the stigmas
and hello to celebration!

Everyone of us has their own story and we want to hear yours. Together we can destigmatize and support our communities.

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Learn about the behind the scenes of Menoday and our goals to educate and celebrate women everywhere.