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Everything you need to help with the most common peri/post-menopausal concerns

Meet the Core Supplement

Start here for boost and balance. We carefully selected super-antioxidant Pycnogenol® and unparalleled adaptogen Ashwagandha to potently power this daily supplement. Designed especially for women in peri/menopause and beyond, we love how it improves healthy circulation (goodbye, hot flashes and night sweats!), mental clarity (so long, mood swings and brain fog!), skin suppleness (take that, dry skin everywhere!), and supports a healthy, centered you.

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Works great! Have less night sweats and hot flashes. More energy and less mood swings
I am on my third bottle and it has been wonderful! It is a part of my routine and it has really helped with my night sweats and mood swings.
This product works! After trying several other brands/formulas, I was so pleased. My hot flashes literally disappeared! Slept better then I have in years!

Meet the Energy Supplement

A little zing when you feel zapped. We carefully selected super antioxidants like Pycnogenol® and Green Tea Leaf Extract to potently power this natural supplement; benefits include healthy circulation, mental clarity, and a happy, cool, focused you.

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Works great! Helps boost my energy when I need it most! Thank you, Kindra. This makes me feel so much better.
This product immediately remedied my brain fog. I've been taking it daily for almost two months. I notice if I forget to take it.
Outstanding! I was so skeptical of this item, but i have been pleasantly surprised. It has increased my energy and focus immensely.
Patty Q.