The 2021 Kindra Gift Guide

Help yourself and your loved ones start the new year right with surprises that center around self-care.

For The: Workout Wonder Woman

She’s the gym buddy, the yogi, or the marathon runner, and she’s always encouraging you to show up and finish strong. Return the favor with gifts that keep her exercise routine cool, colorful, and high-energy—even when fatigue, hot flashes, or mood swings come knocking.

For The: Parent On The Go

Whether they’re running kids to practice, fielding late-night calls for advice, or simply helping every family member feel loved and grounded, moms keep the world spinning. Give her a boost with feel-good daily necessities and stylish on-the-go basics.

For The: Boss Seeking More Balance

After long days leading her in-office cohort, the go-getter in your life deserves to come home to peace and tranquility—not night sweats or anxiousness. Give the gift of better sleep, body-balancing rituals, and all-around relaxation with these self-care steals.

For the: Savvy Self-Care Enthusiast

She may be your go-to advisor for skincare hacks or meditation tips, but that doesn’t mean you can’t surprise her with something new. Calming candles, stress-reducing coverlets, and brain fog-busting additions to her daily regimen will keep her in the know about the latest in loving yourself.

For the: Glammed-Out Grandmother

She’s already raised one generation with love and grace, and now she’s looking after the next one—without slowing down. Give her a holiday haul that keeps her in motion, whether she’s chasing the grandkids or lunching with old friends.

Shopping For Your Self-Care Essentials?

As you shop for everyone on your list, don't forget to invest in your needs. Take the Kindra Quiz to discover the self-care essentials you really want, need, and will use all year long.

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