• Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
  • Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
  • Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
  • Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow
Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow

Temperature - Regulating UltraCool Pillow

Named Good Housekeepings 'Best Cooling Pillow', the Temperature Regulating UltraCool Pillow takes the technology from a temperature-regulating bedding and incorporates it into a pillow. This premium fabric designed for NASA,... read more






Disrupted Sleeping

I struggle with hot flashes

Love these pillows! After trying the mattress pad, i'm not surprised at how great the pillows are, Super soft and the right amount of fill.

Cool in the Mitten State

The Ultra Cool pillow performs exactly as advertised. I've been getting cool, comfortable, restful sleep since using it !

Easiest New Pillow!

Normally it takes me a while to adjust to a new pillow. The Slumber Cloud pillow was perfection from day one. I’m cool in all ways!

- Jennifer G.

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The comforting support of a traditional pillow without the hassle of flipping to the cool side. The Temperature Regulating UltraCool pillow puts you in direct contact with Outlast® technology. A luxurious Polysilk™ fiber-fill mimics the feel and performance of down feathers without the heftier price tag and special care.

Why We Love

Slumber Cloud UltraCool Pillow

The UltraCool Pillow utilizes Outlast® technology for an unmatched approach to temperature regulation. Outlast® technology is proactive, not reactive, so as your body temperature increases during sleep, Outlast® technology stores that heat to keep you cool, and then releases it as you cool down...keeping you feeling “just right”.

Made with luxury 100% down alternative fiber-fill, premium NASA-approved Outlast® fabric, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Technology you'll stay cool throughout the night.

Learn more about Temperature-Regulating UltraCool Pillow here.

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Outlast® technology is made of a unique material that can absorb, store and release excess heat. As an individual’s skin temperature increases, the technology will absorb that excess heat to help reduce overheating. The material will store the excess heat until the skin temperature begins to drop. When this occurs, the stored heat is released back to the individual to prevent chill. By managing the build-up of heat and moisture under the covers, Outlast® technology helps keep you at a comfortable temperature so you sleep “just right.”
Slumber Cloud products are designed to help manage heat and humidity build up. It is not an air conditioner with a set temperature degree, but it will react to your temperature all night long to reduce heat build up and manage temperature swings.
Slumber Cloud takes a proactive approach to temperature control by absorbing and storing excess heat when temperatures are too warm and releasing heat when temperatures are too cold. This approach is different than most other "cooling" bedding technologies/products on the market that are moisture-wicking (ex. Bamboo & Eucalyptus). Moisture-wicking is a reactive approach because it doesn't start to cool you down until you build up sweat and moisture and then wicks it off of you. Our products are designed to prevent you from ever getting to the point of sweating and building up moisture.
Pick your firmness based on your typical sleeping position. The soft-medium pillow offers the perfect support for those that prefer to sleep on their stomach and back. The medium-firm pillow is recommended for those who regularly sleep on their side and back.
Yes, we want your bed to look nice and match the rest of your linens so we made sure the technology inside our pillows will still work even when used with a pillowcase.
To wash your UltraCool Pillow, please follow the washing instructions on the tag. If you have cut your tags after purchase, then it is recommended to wash with Slumber Cloud Free & Clear Laundry Detergent or a mild detergent in cold water on a delicate spin cycle. When it’s time to dry your UltraCool Pillow, please dry it on low heat or air dry. Do not iron your UltraCool Pillow. To reduce wrinkling, take your UltraCool Pillow out of the dryer and immediately place them on your bed or use a wrinkle release spray such as Iron In a Bottle for that crisp and finished look.
Your order will ship within 2 business days and we will notify you via email with tracking information when your order ships. Kindra: Curated products will ship separately and may arrive in different packaging.

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