Kindra Monthly Menopause News Roundup - MAY

by Kindra Team
Your May news roundup is here. Stay informed with the latest information on menopause and more. Want even more resources? Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for insight from experts and women like you.

Menopause and the COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Take Care of Yourself Right Now - Kindra
Kindra medical advisor, Dr. Suzanne, talks taking care of yourself in the age of COVID-19.

Five Ways to Keep Menopause in Check During Isolation - Kindra
Menopause symptoms are strong and stubborn, and they don’t stop during a crisis, like the Coronavirus pandemic. In fact, social distancing may make some common symptoms worse. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make staying at home a bit easier while experiencing menopause.

Birthing Trends Delay Menopause - MD Mag
An interesting study on the delay (or even future elimination) due to women having children later in life.

Why Do Women Gain Weight During Menopause? - The Conversation
The science behind weight gain during menopause and some sound advice for how you can control it.

Physical Activity Attenuates Depressive Symptoms Associated With Menopause - Endocrinology Advisor
In a recent study, a high level of physical activity coincided with lower depressive symptoms among women experiencing menopause.

Hot flashes? Night sweats? Progesterone Can Help Reduce Symptoms of Menopause - Medical Xpress
The hormone progesterone may help provide relief for hot flashes and night sweats.

10 Reasons for Perimenopausal Mood Swings - Psychology Today
Understanding why some perimenopausal mood swings can occur.

‘There is life after menopause’ Julie Graham creates lockdown drama to show menopause in a new light - Yahoo! News
Actress Julie Graham grew tired of how menopause was only being shown in a comedic light on TV, so she created her own menopause drama.

Palace Theater joins ‘Menopause the Musical’ online performances - The Register Citizen
For a limited time only, “Menopause the Musical” will be available to view at home and a portion of proceeds benefit the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT and The Actors Fund, providing financial support for arts professionals.

Premature Menopause Explained - Bioidentical Hormone Health
A look at symptoms, diagnosing and dealing with menopause before the age of 40.

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